Tips for Elderly Travelling Solo in Trains

Are you thinking of travelling alone in a train as an elderly person? You do not have to worry much, as age is just a number. It is not particularly very difficult to travel in trains if you keep certain things in mind. Following certain simple tips will be enough to avoid any trouble or problem in your train journey.

After making your Indian Railway reservation, you will have to board the train on the stipulated date and time. After getting done with the necessary, you can focus on certain factors that can make your journey more comfortable.

Health Issues

It is common for people over the age of 60 years to suffer from health issues. Leg ache, back ache, cough, and diabetes are complaints that most senior citizens have. Therefore, it is always better to carry emergency medications when you are travelling in trains. It is not possible to get immediate medical assistance in a moving train. Hence, relying on your medication stock could come handy.

Security and Safety Tips

You will have to be extra careful while travelling in a train alone. Robbery and theft are common in trains when passengers are distracted. Keep your wallet and valuables close to you. Try carrying them with you in a bag even when using the washroom. Lock your luggage under the seats carefully with a lock and chain. Even when you are sleeping, keep checking your belongings to make sure they are in place. Also, make sure that you do not wear anything expensive in your train journey. It can be very hard to defend yourself from a chain snatcher, in case you encounter one.

Taking Rest

While travelling in trains, you will have plenty of time for yourself. Utilize the time by taking plenty of rest. Especially when you are aging, it is important to be well rested to stay active when you are awake. It is also better to not move around too much. Try sitting in one place and take an occasional stroll for some body movement.

Taking Help

A train journey may not be very difficult. But, you might have to deal with the ruckus after landing at your destination. If you are travelling alone with a lot of luggage, you can ask for help. Most of the railway stations have “coolies” who will carry your luggage outside the station for some money. Do not hesitate to take their help, but ask them to move along with your pace.

Requesting Special Service

As a senior citizen, you can avail senior citizen discount in Indian Railways. Indian Railways also give priority to senior citizens in the waiting list. All you will require is the ticket and a valid ID with your age mentioned in it.

Packing Tips

Being a senior citizen, it can be difficult for you to carry heavy items. Hence, it is better to pack your bags keeping the weight in mind. Carry less but useful items to ensure that your journey is convenient.

After getting down the train, it is better to call your family member to pick you up at the station. If you have nobody living in the city, hire a cab service in advance to avoid last minute trouble.