Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2020

Halloween is around the corners and if you haven’t purchased your Halloween costume till now, it’s time to go and grab a unique costume for Halloween this year. Halloween costumes can be funny, sweet, weird, spooky, etc and you need to choose from thousands of them.

This year Halloween is going to be a lot different all thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. People will not throw big parties and even most people would avoid meeting their relatives and loved ones. The virus is deadly no doubt but it doesn’t mean to quit the idea of celebrating Halloween.

You can enjoy and spend a lot of time with your family members staying indoors this Halloween. You will need the best costumes for yourself and your family too. This post about the top 10 Halloween costumes ideas for 2020 will surely help you in investing in the best possible outfit this year.


One of the most viewed and popular shows worldwide, GOT aka Game of Thrones is more than just a Netflix series for many. If you are also fond of this TV series then you must try GOT costumes this Halloween. When it comes to characters that you can follow, the list is quite bigger.

Whether you want to look like Khal Drogo, the Khaleesi, Jon Snow, White Walkers, Melisandre, Tormund, Wun-Wun, Hound, or even the dragon, the options are many and also more than featured here. Make your Halloween an epic event and more memorable by wearing GOT theme-based costumes this year.

2.Harley Quinn

The “Birds of Prey” and “Suicide Squad” is one of the most successful movie series and one character from this movie received more attention and appreciation compared to other casts and that is none other than the famous Harley Quinn.

Margot Robbie has done an exceptional job by playing the role of Harley Quinn and trying the same outfit this Halloween could be the best idea. Make your own Gotham city this Halloween and raid the streets with your gang along with Joker, Deadshot, Katana, and others.

3.Zombie Astronaut

Going with an astronaut costume this year will be great but an ordinary astronaut is quite outdated and boring. How about being infected with aliens and becoming a zombie astronaut this Halloween? That will be great no doubt because the costume idea is too unique and exclusive. Make yourself and your family members even your dog one of the victim spacecraft crew members being infected by aliens.


The movie Ghostbusters wasn’t receiving much success at the box office but the characters were all loved by the audience. When there will be a lot of ghosts around during Halloween night, it will be necessary to team up with the Ghostbusters.

Whether you want or become a Venkman or the Spengler, you will have to deal with much spooky stuff. Put on the costume, hold your weapons, and hit the Halloween to hunt down the ghosts around.

5.Pet Costume

Your beloved four-legged pet whether it’s a dog or a cat can be transformed into a spooky Halloween character if you have the right costumes in your pouch. There are tons of different Halloween costumes available for your pets too and it’s the best time to invest in them. They will look damn cute at the same time spooky if wrapped in a perfect Halloween costume.


Thor is one of the most favorite Marvel characters but her sister Hela, the ‘goddess of death’ is more powerful than both of her brothers, Loki and Thor. She looks terrifyingly awesome and owns great powers. Her legendary crown, matte black costumes with sparkly green outlines, and smoky eyes make her look powerful at the same time terrifying.

The best thing about this Halloween costume is that it is easy to wear and require less care. Pair this costume with thigh-high boots or any other leather boot to complete the look.


The Joker isn’t always doing clowning; sometimes it is scary and terrifying. The joker characters of the movie IT, Dark Knight, Suicide Squad, etc had made the character immortal. Choose any joker character’s costume and enjoy to the fullest this Halloween with your friends and family members.

8.The Nun

Another blockbuster Hollywood movie character and this time it’s the famous nun. The nun is the most profitable horror movie franchise and it will be undoubtedly great to wear the same makeup and costume during the upcoming Halloween. You will look enough spooky inside the nun’s getup and lots of people will find it ghastly and frightening.

9.Jack Sparrow

One of my favorite movie characters, Jack is humorous, silly at the same time intelligent, brave, greedy, and loyal. This Victorian-era pirate could be the center of attention in the upcoming Halloween and you must think about that at least once. The best thing about this costume is that it is easy to wear and needs a little makeup.

Easy to carry, this costume will add a lot of charisma to your look and will also add more variety. The whole cast of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” are unique and you can go with the costumes of other ones too if you think that would work better.


“I am Groot”. This ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ movie character had said nothing more than that but still, it is one of my favorites. Actually, I like Rocket and Groot more than Peter Quill. Being costumed as Groot will be a difficult task but trust me if you do these people will surely admire your effort. It may need hours of makeup and dressing to be like Groot and the appreciation you will receive would be the return of your efforts.

Bottom Line:

Enjoy the Halloweens to your fullest and create some great memories. This year was just like a disaster and it’s time to make something good out of this year. Halloween could be the best opportunity to end this year with a happy face and rejoiced minds.

All you need to do is enjoy this festival by purchasing the best Halloween costumes, relevant makeup, gifts, etc and spend quality time with your friends and loved ones. Make sure to follow the Covid-19 guidelines and keep yourself safe from the virus.