5 Best Designer Labels To Get Your Wedding Sherwani From

Weddings in India are a big deal and are given much-deserved importance with a touch of extravagance. If I call it a multi-day festival, nobody is going to disagree. Because it is what it is. And do I even need to tell you the amount of attention a bride and a groom gets during that period of festivity? So that much attention calls for everything to nothing but perfect.

Talking about wedding outfits, you would find tones of articles and blogs on the pattern, colour palette, silhouette of the wedding outfit for brides, but what about our charming grooms? When it comes to a wedding outfit for a groom, there is literally a drought of much information on the internet. But I am not complaining about the attention we girls get as a bride but grooms deserve equal attention too after all it’s an important day for them too.

So, we are here to present you some options to select your wedding perfect sherwani from the best designer labels. If you google best designer labels to get your wedding sherwani from, then the chances of popping the name of Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani, Manish Malhotra etc are high. In this article, you would not find those established and popular names because we all know they are the best but they are little inclined towards the pricier side. So, I decided to give you more options that are not that popular to explore and decide whatever suits your style and budget both.

Best designer labels to get your wedding sherwani from:

1.Sarah and Sandeep

 This homegrown brand is everything you can expect. Unique cuts and flattering silhouettes with fun colours are its specialities. This designer label has over 15000 kinds of fabrics to match your choices with the perfect tailoring and finishing work.

2.Rahul Mishra

Rahul Mishra has mastered the art of designing and making the wedding outfits for brides with sheer excellence. Now, he has tried to try his hands on the groom wear section and I can clearly see him winning at the fashion game. With the intricate detailing and sartorial finishing, this label can make you look like a complete royal prince straight from a history book.


Known for its unique and eye-catching wedding sherwanis in fun colours, Manyaaway has a bespoke collection of wedding sherwanis and each one of them represents sheer elegance. They have a huge variety of wedding dresses for men in multiple colours to match up with your bride.

4.Jatin Malik Couture

Trust this label while choosing your wedding sherwani as this label has stunning wedding sherwani compilation. Some of them are hand-painted, some have intricate detailing of zari work while some are beautifully adorned with thread work. If you are someone who prefers to be minimalistic on your wedding day, then this label would be a perfect pick for you.

5.Anushree Reddy Men

Designer Anushree Reddy, based in Hyderabad is a well-known wedding couturier in the bridal wear category. Now, this label has taken a big step and ventured a clothing line solely for the grooms and let me tell you the collection of the wedding sherwani is top-notch. Beautiful colour palettes including pastel hues and dark colours to play with, unique cuts and silhouettes with comfortable fit are a win for sure.

Grooms, Now you know some other options to explore so go and grab the perfect wedding sherwani that would fit you like a glove and makes you look like a royal prince. You can plan to coordinate your wedding outfit with your bride or plan to wear something contrasting to your bride’s wedding outfit. And don’t forget to shop for wedding masks for both of you for the obvious reasons.