Top 4 Essential Factors for Choosing the Right Frame

Obviously, for many of us, selecting a perfect Rx safety glasses frame is really tough. The reason behind this confusion is a lot of choices and most of us have some specific budget to select just one of them. Many people almost try all options related to frames in the store when they go for eyeglasses shopping. At last, they just choose one at random because they are bored from all of the process. But this is not the only need for you.

There are a lot of factors that you should consider for choosing the right frame. These factors will make your decision easier for your perfect look. And one thing more, you don’t need to be a fashion expert to figure out these things. Simply read and explore the helpful factors to consider before buying a final pair of glasses.

You must know about your face shape:

When you come to choose a frame, your face shape is probably the most important factor that you should consider. Let’s take a look at different types of face shapes.

  • Round face shape:

Square or rectangular frame can help your face for a slimmer look. You must avoid small or round frame because they will make your face rounder.

  • Squares face shape:

Well, oval or round frames are great because they will give a softer look of your sharp angles. Don’t try square frame as they will make your face look boxy. For all face shape, you can even select a frame from 3m safety glasses for your all life careers.

  • Diamond face shape:

Cat eyes frames are an excellent choice as they will highlight your cheekbones and will show broad your narrow forehead and chin. Don’t even try boxy frame because they will draw your attention to your narrow features rather than to enhance them.

  • Heart face shape:

For this shape, the frame should be having a heavy bottom because these will add the width of the bottom part of your face. Don’t choose a frame that has color on the top as they will simply highlight your forehead.

Give the importance of your lifestyle:

There are a lot of frames that belong to your specific lifestyle. For example, Wiley x safety glasses are perfect for the outdoor task. In frames options, lot of them are bendy and twisted for active and some of them are for business savvy. So must keep in the mind of your lifestyle before making a final decision for the frame selection. But if you are super active, it will be better for you to choose contact lenses.

Think about skin tone:

Many people think that hair and eye color to consider but skin tone is more important than these things.

For warm complexion, you must pick, gold, yellow, or bronze that could enhance your skin tone. But you must stay away from black, white, and pastels.

If you have a cool complexion with a pink or blue tone, avoid those color that just washed out your skin complexion. The perfect colors are black, silver, pink, blue, and purple.

What about your personality:

Of course last but not least, you have to consider your personality before buying prescription safety glasses frames. If you are bold then some embellishments will suit your personality. And if you have a business career, some classic and dark looking frames will suit you. And if you have some extra budget, don’t afraid to additional pair for the weekend. This will give you a more relaxing look than your tough professional routine.

So, you are waiting for what, grab your smartphone, explore your favorite style frame and then order. A great change is just a little far from you.