What Are The Different Types Of The Wedding That Takes Place In India

What is the meaning of the wedding?

The wedding is a combination of two souls together or wedding can be defined as two souls uniting together. There are so many different types of weddings that take place all around the world and there are numerous rituals in different types of wedding. Nowadays, people are taking the help of matrimonial sites/bureau to find a bride and groom such as Sikh matrimonial services in Delhi, Hindu matrimonial services etc.

Some of the types of the wedding that place in India is mentioned below:

Hindu marriage: Hindu wedding is the longest wedding from all the religions. There are so many rituals that are to be done at a Hindu wedding. The rituals of a Hindu wedding are mentioned as follows:

  1. Tilak: This is the first ritual in which both the families announce the fixation of engagement and both the families gift so many different types of things such as dresses, jewelry, money to the bride and groom.
  2. Engagement: After, Tilak this ritual takes place. This is a ritual in which the bride and groom exchange their rings and announce that the marriage is fixed.
  3. Sangeet and Mehendi: These are the rituals that are held together but in olden days these rituals were done on different days. In this ritual, Mehendi is applied to the groom and bride. People enjoy by dancing on DJ’s. This is the ritual with full fun and enjoyment.
  4. Haldi: This is a ritual that is done in the morning time of the wedding day. The bride and groom are applied haldi and in Hindu’s, it is believed that haldi will give a glow to the skin. After, this wedding takes place.
  5. Reception: This is a ritual which is done the groom’s house. The friends, family, and relatives of the groom are present. After this, Mooh Dhikhai ritual is done in which the face of the bride is seen by all the people and she has gifted so many different things.

Muslim or an Islamic wedding: Muslim or Islamic wedding is the shortest wedding all over the world. The rituals in Muslim and Islamic wedding are mentioned below:

  1. Practices: This is the first wedding ritual that takes place in a Muslim or Islamic wedding. In this ritual the marriage the fixed a direct contract is done between Allah and the couples.
  2. Meher: After the practices ritual Meher is done. This is a ritual in which both the families exchange goods and other things and fix the Nikkha. After, this ritual Nikkha takes place.
  3. Nikkha: the wedding ceremony of Islamic or Muslim people is known as Nikkha. In this ritual, the couples sit in front of each other and a curtain is put between them and three times they say Qabul hai and the Nikkha is done. After, this couple is given vows and blessings. These are the rituals that are done in a Muslim and Islamic wedding.

There are so many other weddings also that take place in India such as the Sikh wedding, Parasi wedding, Bengali, Gujarati etc. If someone is finding a Sikh bride, Hindu bride or groom etc. he or she can take the help of matrimonial sites to find perfect partners.