Windows Smart Phone Dimensions Grow Faster Than Other OS Through 2018

Windows Phone is the fastest growing OS in the world today. The Windows Phone is getting very diverse with the latest Windows Phone8 and higher screen resolutions. Windows Phone feels less like a technology because it is designed for each of us. Each of us would find tiles of our favorite things, websites, Pandora radio stations, texts, emails in Windows Phone. You name it Windows Phone has it is the exact situation. One can pin one’s favorite things to the start screen. One can also pin friends, weather, news, twitter, Face book and the like.


For those who love photography Windows Phone is the best choice. Windows Phone has a dedicated camera button, exclusive built-in lens apps, and automatic uploading of the photos to Sky Drive can be easily done. There are various photo apps like Instagram, Camera360, Photosynth and Vine.

Irrespective of the place where you are, what you do, your content flows across your Microsoft devices. Every Window Phone has access to apps like Skype and Office mobile. Office hub allows us to have word documents, excel spreadsheets, and then we can sync it to Sky Drive. Writing and editing can be done later with our Phone with Office Mobile from anywhere in the world. Windows Phone is the only smart phone which has live apps that put the information we want right on our start screen. Apps like The New York Times, eBay, ESPN Score Center come alive on Windows Phone.

Windows Phone grows faster than other Operating Systems in the present day for a host of reasons. Windows Phone has a streamlined user interface and the users of Windows Phone know what to expect in terms of user interface. Windows Phone has a tile system which is easy to organize and one can find the things one needs throughout the day. The variety of useful apps a Windows Phone allows is indeed a good opportunity for the users. The software and hardware developments in Windows Phone are all original and innovative which attracts towards it a sea of new users. Windows Phone has a snappier and more consistent keyboard compared to android. Windows Phone has a solid operating system by which customers are getting lured to it.

As far as the growth rate of technology is concerned, the users are given very many choices to make use of. The present day life moves at a much faster pace than what it was a couple of decades back. Human beings are so pressed for time in day-to-life though they have most of the amenities indoors. Yet the requirement and tendency is to have more within a shorter span and at your fingertips.

This is exactly why the latest developments in mobile phones have taken place and they comfortably cater to the needs of the modern tech-savvy man. Nobody wants to run around for petty works. Having a smart phone is indeed a smart choice made by most of the individuals. The efficiency rate is high for a Window Phone and it turns out to be economical once the purchase is made. One just has to keep updating things in a Window Phone in the subsequent period. By 2018 Windows Phone will become the only choice people will opt for in the virtual mode.

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