Yonana for the Health Conscious Ice Cream Lovers

As the weather’s getting hotter which undoubtedly adds another load to our exhausting daily work, definitely we want to get or do something to rejuvenate and breeze ourselves. We may probably go to air-conditioned malls to shop, or in the restaurants to eat or drink something cool to energize the body. To many people, ice cream is the mostly loved cool dessert to eat. Not only that it recharges the body from the summer heat but another thing people love is the availability of different ice cream flavors in stores to fit the different taste buds of the crowd. But health conscious people choose to get rid of ice creams sold in convenient stores due to the fact that typical ice creams sold in stores have high percentage of calories and fats and is mixed with unnatural substance and chemicals which is in short, unhealthy.

In order to resolve this matter, science and technology has made a solution to this common concern. For the health conscious ice cream lovers, an excellent soft ice cream maker is created just for you. You don’t need to avoid eating ice creams anymore because of its unhealthy contents, because Yonana machine will help you out. Yonana machine is a kitchen appliance which aims to assist you in the making of a natural soft healthy ice-cream. The taste and texture appear like common ice creams, but the only difference is that it has no preservatives and is totally made of natural fruits.  Let’s have a little sight about the origin of the word Yonana. Yes, it comes from the word ‘banana’ which obviously laid emphasis to this natural potassium-filled fruit. But it’s not all about banana fruit alone. You can use strawberries, mango, chocolate, or even vegetables such as red beans and green tea or the mix of those to create flavors. The word source only highlights the production of natural and healthy servings yet soft, creamy, and tasty, like common ice creams look like through this Yonana machine solution. Since fruits already have natural sweet tastes or sugars, there’s no need to add sugars anymore. According to fruit specialists, bananas with skin spots are sweeter and are best to use in order to create a more tasty ice cream base.

Any fruit can be used as an ice cream base but make sure the peeled or skinned fruit is frozen before putting it in the chute with blade that mashes fruit inside in order to produce a better outcome. The advantage of this machine according to many users is that they can still consume overripe bananas to be used as their ice cream base, and since old fruits are losing its tastes, you can use other fruits or the mix of it as your desired flavor. You can also add toppings like nuts and marshmallows if you want. Yonana machine has an easy –to-operate machine controls. You just need to hit on and off buttons to run the machine. Another is that you can easily assemble and disassemble the parts once you want to wash and clean it. It is important that the machine is cleaned and washed well right after using it in order to have a long lasting Yonana machine. Do not leave the machine unclean with mashed fruits remains so it won’t get stuck and soon become fixed dirt on the machine that will cause interruption on the ice cream making process, or worst, may cause machine damage.  Another advantage for everyone who uses Yonana machine is that it is inexpensive compared to buying ice creams on stores. It saves money, and is pro-health for it encourages everyone to eat natural and healthy fruits in a soft and tasty Yonanas ice cream form. Yonana machine is available in online stores and retail locations with a low price of $50 to $70.

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