8 Unusual Facts About Astigmatism That You Don’t Know

If you wear prescription safety glasses or contact lens, you must have an idea of Astigmatism. What is astigmatism? Do you have astigmatism? Well, if you are not sure about this question, this piece of content is for you. There are some unusual facts about astigmatism. We shall mention here some symptoms and how can you treat them.

  1. The irregular shape of the cornea is the reason for astigmatism:

Astigmatism patients always feel difficulty focusing on distant objects. This is because of the irregular shape of cornea like a football instead of the normal spherical structure of eyes. In normal eyes, when light enters into the eyes, it makes the perfect focus on the retina. This is an ideal vision. With normal shape, eyes can control perfectly the amount of light that enters into eyes and make it possible a clear vision. But in the irregular shape of the cornea, an irregular distributed light that causes of blurry vision.

  1. Astigmatism is related to unclear:

As we know that astigmatism is caused by the irregular shape of the cornea and caused a blurry vision. Many researchers and optometrist are still unable to understand how it is started the first time. Most of the thoughts about astigmatism is that it is a by birth symptom as well. Or its shape begins to start as a football after any trauma or injury.

  1. It seems to be genetically inherited:

Just like the color of your eyes, that is get transferred from one generation to another. Like this, astigmatism can be genetically inherited. With time, blurry vision is uncontrollable and you cannot see clearly without glasses. You can use 3m d490 safety glasses for astigmatism.

  1. Astigmatism symptoms can easily be missed out:

Instead of blurry vision, other symptoms can appear like headache or eye fatigued. Most of the people by mistake relate these symptoms with others and just to ignore it. Mostly eyes issue arises because of the high use of digital devices. You can get computer glasses like Armourx 7012 safety glasses or get eyewear with anti-glare coating.

  1. Early symptoms catch not to avoid them:

It is very important to catch astigmatism in very early age especially in children. So it can be easily treated if you catch it earlier and don’t try to avoid it. If you left it unnoticed, it leads to complicated like amblyopia. For this, a comprehensive eye exam is very necessary after a year. An eye exam is easy rather avoid to become complicated.

  1. Astigmatism can easily be detected through optometrist:

If you find any above describe symptoms, you must consult to an eye doctor. Because you are unable to understand the exact reason for symptoms but an eye doctor can suggest you better. Always use branded safety glasses, if the doctor recommends you for eyeglasses.

  1. Type of astigmatism:

There are mainly three types of astigmatism.

  • Myopic astigmatism: This form of astigmatism occurs when light focuses before entering in eyes.
  • Hyperopic astigmatism: This can happen with both eyes as people cannot see clearly far distance object.
  • Mixed astigmatism: It happens in which chief meridian being nearsightedness and other for farsightedness.
  1. Astigmatism can influence on depth perception:

Depth perception means to see the world in three dimensions. Eye condition like astigmatism, people cannot exactly find out the objects clearly or distance between them. This lack of perception is usually occurred due to one eye imperfection and create imbalance.

Ways to correct astigmatism:

This bothersome difficulty can be solved in two ways.

  • Through eyeglasses or contact lenses, your eye doctor according to the situation of eyes, he can recommend you spectacles. You must purchase ANSI safety glasses for correction and safety of eyes.
  • Through LASIK surgery, this refractive surgery helps to reshape the cornea and make possible to see clearly after surgery.