You Will Never Thought That Owning A Olympic Bar Could Be So Beneficial

Olympic Bars are made better and to handle much greater loads. Even if you load an Olympic Bar with heavy weights, they are made to bend under load and will return to the straight position. It is the steel quality used in the bar that regulates how well a bar maintains its shape. Olympic Bars are made with revolving ends to lessen the torque on the bar. It is also helpful for the exercises where your grip needs to revolve faintly like the Squat. Have a look on some of its benefits;

Olympic Weights Advantages:


Olympic bars can take several hundred pounds safely. Even stronger Olympic bars are rated from 1000 to 1500 lbs.


Olympic bars and weights are thicker and heavier from the ends and are much more difficult to tip over due to unbalanced weight when loading 45 lb plates.

No torque:

Olympic bars have revolving ends so that there is no added torque while performing certain exercises such as snatches or curls. This reduces the chance of your hands slipping.


Another big feature that Olympic bars have going for them is their bearings. You need a reliable sleeve rotation from your bearings with an unassertive amount of bar whip for most exercises. Unfortunately, your standard power-lifting bars do not offer this feature.


The middle portion of the bar is actually slightly thicker, typically 1 1/16″. A standard bar is typically 1″. A thicker bar is easier to grip, and even that small difference is enough to make a difference in how much you can lift.

Competition grade:

Olympic bar and weights are the only type used in competitions.

Deadlift assistance:

20kg Olympic bar is larger in diameter than Standard 50 lb weights, thereby lifting the bar off the floor more to make deadlifts easier.


Grip plates have built-in handles that make the plates much easier to carry safely. Rubber or urethane encased plate’s combat breakage, noise and rust. Olympic plates have the best variety of these options.


The price should be in accordance with the features offered. Value is more important than a low sticker price and what we’ve found is that for general purpose barbells, there isn’t a reason to spend over $500 on it. If you want a specialized Olympic Barbell than spending above $300 may provide a better value, but not for the general purpose category.

Finally, the finish of the bar comes down to personal preference and the environment in which you will be used that. Although a raw steel bar is considered to be the best, for the reason being it will oxidize quicker than if a finish was applied. For the price range we recommend, more often than not, Olympic Bar with Spin Lock and is cheaper to apply than hard chrome.

Without a doubt, Turner MAX 20kg Olympic Bar is the most heavy-duty, functionally and smooth’s one available in the market. An important addition to this strength conditioning item, this bar is perfect for those whose workouts require a variety of exercises.