5 Easy Ways To Make Your Diesel RV Childproof

Nothing can be more exciting for your kids than spending their vacation days in the diesel RV you have just bought. However, a thrilling family vacation may turn into a mess in no time if you hit the road unprepared without taking measures to childproof your rolling home. Here is how you can enjoy a hassle-free RVing experience with children.

Use Child-Safety Products

An open electrical outlet is one of the things that toddlers just love to play often. You might have caught your kid red-handed several times in the past sticking a finger into the outlet or inserting objects into it. But, during a road trip when both you and your partner will be busy in driving, keeping an eye on the two-year-old all the time will not be possible. So, don’t take a risk; invest in outlet plug covers. These products are inexpensive but can prevent serious accidents.

The furniture like table, benches, and countertops are apparently harmless but they can be hazardous for your kids. They may fall and knock their heads against the corners of those pieces.  Use edge cushions on every item with sharp corners to prevent such accidents. If you want to avoid buying new paddings, use pool cushions, instead.

Install Safety Gates

The most challenging part of RV-ing with kids is keeping them at their places. The little ones are too curious; they find every item in the rig worth exploring. Safety gates can keep your baby away from hazardous zones when you are busy negotiating a rocky trail or engaged in a vital repairing work. Similarly, use bedrails in the bunks to prevent your kid from falling while asleep.

Secure the Door

When you are with kids, say a big ‘NO’ to easy-to-open doors. Such doors can tempt the little passengers to escape the rig any time. While installing the latch, choose a height that your kids cannot reach. In case, you cannot put a latch; equip the door with a sliding lock. If none of the options work, invest in a motion detector. It will alert you if anyone tries to open the door without punching the code.

Use Separate Storage for Cleaners

The cleaning chemicals come in colorful bottles, which easily attract the toddlers. Never place them at the eye level of your kids. Under-frame storage is the best place to stash away these hazardous materials. If your RV lacks this feature, store them in a place that your little ones cannot access.

Pay Attention to the Kitchen

From hot burners to open knives, there are so many things in a kitchen that can spoil a family vacation. So, keep children away from the kitchen area as much as possible. You can install a pressure mounted baby gate to prohibit kids from getting too close to the kitchen area. Also, double the security with range knob covers, stove guard, and oven lock. The first one will guard the knobs preventing your kids from turning on the stove, accidentally.  The others will keep them safe from hot burners.

Set Some Rules

A child can get in numerous ways. So, set some rules for your kids in the rig and make sure that they are followed. For example, do not let them run inside the vehicle. It will reduce the chances of fall significantly. Similarly, prohibit them from playing on the bunk or near RV hookup centers to avoid accidents.

Traveling across the US in a diesel RV is a dream come true for many American families. But before hitting the road, baby proof your rig, first. Step into your child’s shoes to guess what they can be up to when they are in the RV. In this way, you will find out more areas which need extra security. Childproofing may take some effort. But the peace of mind you gain in return doubles the fun.