5 Top countries for a Spa and Relaxation Holiday

By definition, the wellness trip is the meeting of relaxation and physical activity. The holidays are also an opportunity to relax and rest, staying for example in an establishment with a spa and relaxation destination. Know that today wellness trips are more and more popular around the world. This type of trip is the unique opportunity to discover a country while being pampered … In the program of your holidays: “discovery, rest, relaxation and relaxation … are the key words”!

Which destination to choose? Here are 5 ideas for destinations for a 100% well-being stay!

  1. Well-being holidays in Tunisia

Are you looking for a wellness holiday in Tunisia this year? Discover Tunisia differently! Not far from France, Tunisia provides a total change of scenery in a dream setting.

Tunisia is known worldwide for its amazing and varied landscapes, its exceptional archaeological sites, its smiling and welcoming population, its historical heritage … But that’s not all, Tunisia is also famous for its many spa centers (“synonyms of well-being and fun “) by the sea. Indeed, it should be noted that this is the second world destination thalassic therapy.

  1. Indonesia, the ultimate wellness destination

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful destinations in Asia! It should be noted that the largest archipelago in the world with more than 1,500 islands. Indonesia’s most visited islands include Bali, Lombok, Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Nature lovers, you will be amazed by the great diversity of landscapes in Indonesia and its lush vegetation. During your stay in Indonesia, the activities are not lacking, apart from countless visits, you can also enjoy the many luxury hotels in Bali for example. These offer benefits for the well-being of the body and mind, in an elegant and sumptuous.

  1. Greece, holidays in all “zenitude”

For the next holidays, go to the discovery of Greece and live unforgettable moments under the sign of rest and relaxation! Today, Greece and its islands are attracting more and more tourists in search of a 100% well-being stay.

Indeed, Greece is a destination full of charm that will seduce more than one with its peaceful islands. Treat yourself to a spa holiday in Greece on the west coast of Peloponnese for example. It is indeed one of the most popular wellness destinations in the country, not to be missed. You will find a wide choice of thalassic therapy establishments.

  1. Thailand, wellness version

Discover otherwise Thailand this year! A wellness stay in Thailand tempts you? Going on vacation in Thailand will allow you to relax and recover lost energy throughout the year. You want a Thai massage to relieve stress? Plan your trip to Thailand to take full advantage of this legendary technique. Arrival at destination, many wellness centers will offer many treatments: hot tubs, massages, beauty treatments, and baths with essential oils, sand baths, balneotherapy, manicure and many more.

  1. Relaxing stay in Iceland

Relaxing holiday in Iceland under the theme of well-being to discover the natural wonders of the country and to recharge your batteries! Why not be seduced by this Far North destination? Are you looking for well-being, romance, or rest? Iceland is a destination of choice that has a lot to offer.

During this unique stay, you can for example relax in one of the hot springs of Iceland while enjoying the calm and surrounding landscapes. You will find many swimming pools. Once there, stay in a hotel-spa where you can renew the experience of spa treatments between mud bath and relaxing bath.