Preparing Yourself Before Shipping Baggage To India

India is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Asia; the colorful culture and the ever-growing industry is an attraction for the western world. Shipping excess baggage to India can cost a fortune; even a few kilos over the limit might get to expensive. Whether you are moving to India or just visiting for long vacations, you will need to ship your baggage. Moreover, there is customs duty or various items which you might be unaware of. Here are some ways to make the whole procedure easier so you can focus on having a memorable time in India, instead of worrying about the shipping or relocation.

Hire a Renowned Relocation Service:

Hiring a relocation service can assist you in moving to India or for baggage shipping to India. Relocating to another country is a stressful and difficult procedure but with the guidance of professionals from you can go through the process with much less difficulty. A certified relocation service will take care of everything. They will walk you through the legal procedures and will help you manage the required documents. If you’re moving to another country for the first time, you might not be aware of the customs duty on various items. You might be moving to India with your electronics like personal computer, television or mobile phone, completely unaware about the additional cost and documentation for it. A relocation service will let you know important details like customs duty for TV in India. Moreover, baggage shipping to India can be a costly process without hiring any service for it. Relocation services ship extra baggage and heavy items in bulk, which costs less than what the airline charges you for it. Hence it is highly recommended to hire a relocation service if you are moving with large amount of luggage.


Understand the Legal process:

Baggage shipping to India requires a lengthy legal process. You need to fill out forms, follow the rules and pay the extra cost to ship your luggage to another country. Before packing and taking your baggage directly to the airport, you must go through the rules and regulations to avoid delays at the last minute. Most first time movers are unaware of customs duty on certain goods. Customs duty is the tax imposed on goods when they are transported internationally. Whether you are moving to India or just visiting for long vacations, you will need to ship your baggage. The reason behind is to protect the economy and control the flow of restricted goods, into and out of the country. Usually people tend to bring their televisions and computers along while moving to another country. Customs Duty for TV in India is applicable to flat televisions of all sizes. Which means you will have to pay 36.05% on the assessed value. Customs Duty for TV in India is also not covered by the duty free allowance. You might be unaware of such terms and conditions so it is essential to look into them before deciding the items you want to ship to India.

Prohibited and Restricted Items:

In order to prepare yourself before moving to India, it is essential that you make sure that you are not taking anything that is considered a prohibited or a restricted item. Some of the restricted food items include meat, pig fat and any fresh food without proper packaging. Ivory, feathers, bones of wild animals, cloth articles with animal fur, animal fats or oils are also prohibited. Telephone sets and unclassified apparatus for transmission of voice can’t be imported.

Moving or shipping to India can be an easy process if you are fully prepared for it beforehand. Instead of facing problems at the airport or dealing with delays on shipment, it is better to research and organize yourself in advance.