Ramanagara Camping : A First Timer’s Guide

Are you planning a camp in and around Ramanagara? Is this your first time camping in Ramanagara? Are you interested in trekking along with camping? Are you searching for a guide to teach you the way? Then you are at the correct place to get all the answers for your queries! Do read further and know the place you want to visit.


Ramanagara is a great place located along the Mysore – Bangalore Highway. The town is surrounded by huge mountains and rocks all around. It became famous after the famous movie Sholay was shot here in 1975. In fact, it is now also called Sholay Hills and Ramagiri Hills. It is 60 – 70 kilometers away from Bangalore.

How to visit Ramanagara?

It is quite a famous area where you can reach with any mode of transportation as even public transportation is also available. Local KSRTC buses run all the day to Ramanagara. But self drive is the best option to choose as the way to Ramanagara is also soothing that you feel like stopping in the middle to enjoy the view, which can only be possible if you do self drive.

Things you must carry for camping and trekking

Camping generally requires comfortable clothing. Since this camping also includes the trek, then make sure you bring your water bottles and trekking shoes. The water activities are many here hence the clothing based on nylon can be considered for that period.

Where to pitch your camp?

There are 2 probable options to camp in Ramanagara. One you can do the camping privately inside the forest or on the hill. Or you can opt for a private property. The private property campsite here is Q Mango Forest Camping. It would be an eye washing experience there and to camp there is a must experience to have. There are two packages here, which are for the morning and evening.

Camping experience

Camping here is an unforgettable experience as it has a spacious place to camp near the bank of a river. They do have a hammock near the Mango tree. In the camp or on the hammock you can slide on and enjoy nature around. The cool breeze around, hills stretched all over the place and joyful conversation with your loved ones will take half of your day. So, the time would fly within seconds as you sit inside your camp. As the evening becomes reality, you can head towards the lake to witness the sunset view from there.

Camping under the dark sky

As soon as the sky turned dark they would arrange a live music, bonfire and barbecue for that night in order to chill out. They would also organize group activities and interesting things to do in and around. They have an ample space where you can play all around. However, they themselves provide many gaming activities which you can find.


Water activities and others


They provide an amazing experience of many water activities ranging from kayaking to rafting to rappelling to swimming. They ensure that at least one person is always there inside the lake so that you can be rescued easily in case of any mishaps. The experience of zip lines other than water activities is the best though it is small but enough to have an adventure. After this there would be mountain rappelling.

On the next day they arrange a trek to a 3000 feet hill. It looks easy to trek because of its appearance but the steepness of the Hills makes it difficult to trek. They have the directions which you can use to climb the hill. From the top you can see the lake where you went rafting and kayaking. After the trek you can pay a visit to the caves called tiger caves nearby.

There is also a temple on the nearby hilltop which you can prefer to visit. So if you wanted a break just to relax, bring down your stress levels, and just enjoy nature then camping in Ramanagara gives you exactly what you wanted. That is therapeutic time.