Know Things to Book Your Houseboat Ride In Alleppey, Kerala

Alleppey or Alappuzha is a small piece of paradise, as it is called now, and it has plenty of natural beauty. Alleppey is calm and picturesque and lovely, yet it has the right ingredients to love your spirits, enjoy your vacation, and make your wonders lovely. Spectacular sunsets, quaint towns, exotic birds, a maze of meandering backwaters, and lush green areas. The waters and houseboats are an experience in themselves, imagine being on one as it crosses the waters, crosses slowly, and changes the landscape. Music to the ears is sounding the water lapping over the boat.

Houseboat Alleppey Ride

All is so pictorial that many tourists overlook minor yet important points while they book a houseboat with their enthusiasm. This article is intended as a guide, so you can choose your houseboat in Alleppey informed.

Houseboat condition

You’re going to spend 8-9 hours or some nights onboard and you’re not going to have an uncooped houseboat. Your holidays will be ruined by a boat with mechanical problems, like the inoperative air conditioning system, or a diesel engine, which releases nauseous smokes. Choose from reputable boats or those preferred by the tourist department of Kerala.

Abad in Alleppey provides premium houseboats. Our traditional coir and bamboo boats are interiors of luxury and have an interior class. We offer houseboats with one, two, and three bedrooms, comfortable beds, and well-crafted interiors. The living & dining areas and the bedrooms maintain the traditional Kerala architecture with air conditioning. For more details, please visit the gallery on our website.

The conditions of the weather

It is the monsoon period of June, July, and August for a houseboat trip in the precipices. A day cruise in the backwaters and an overnight stay in our exotic backwater resort ABAD Whispering Palms in Kumarakom will be an alternative option.

Winter is the best time for a houseboat and is known as the “peak tourist season.” Most houseboats are booked in advance during this season, and before you arrive you need to remember that. Have a confirmed reservation to avoid deception. In winter the weather is beautiful and there’s a little nip in the air; rains turn green and the waters run clear and clear so that you can see the bed of the waterway. It is a migratory season for birds; some fly from far-off lands and nest along the backwaters on the subways and trees.

Home boat reservation Alleppey

Bookings can be made online for all houseboats. However, make sure the tour operator is a renowned name or travel company. Try reviewing or checking online travel forums to read other people’s words or ask questions and clarify your doubts.

Reputed tour operators provide on their website travel assistance. For example, Abad has a live-chat customer support manager to help you with reservations and travel plans.

However, it is advisable to check the cancellation policy before paying your booking a few months in advance. Houseboats holidays, don’t get cheap and if you decide to cancel your trip, you shouldn’t end up with the wrong end of the deal. Check the terms and conditions. Most carriers promise a complete refund if cancellation is done in advance but usually cancellation charges apply if the same takes place shortly.

Home boat rates for Alleppey

Many factors determine houseboat rates in Alleppey. The price depends on the boat’s quality, a newer boat, better amenities, and luxury interiors that will cost more than an older boat. During the tourist season between October and March, houseboats are priced at higher levels, with prices falling between April and September. The price depends on the number of bedrooms, as a single- and a triple-bedroom boat is cheaper.

The cost of chartering a boat includes all food and backwater tours, observation of birds, and a visit to Patharimanal Island. There are a few more houseboats, such as walks through the villages, paddy fields, strolls through food, visits to the fish market, etc.