Things You Should Know About Living In An RV

Thinking of shifting to an RV? If yes, then here are some basic points that you should know before shifting from a standard housing to a motor house or camper living. You need to do a good amount of research to ensure that doing it will benefit you.

Research RV living before going for it

You might have dreamt of residing in a recreational vehicle, but you have to understand that doing it could change your life in a number of ways. With the right research and genuine review of the travellers, you can find out all about their lifestyle.


When you’re living in a small RV, you have to decide whether your possession has to be luxurious or simple. Usually the people who become full timers sell their house and everything and live in one vehicle.

They also discard their furniture, artwork, décor items, library and every collection, bulky electronics, more than necessary clothing, tools and big equipment, recreation equipment and more.  Often a lot of people keep their stuff in storage units for months.

Set up a home base

Usually people living in a small RV set up home bases by:

  1. Renting campsites for a good amount of time
  2. Purchasing RV lot
  3. Checking out California RV park reviews

Doing this will help you get a permanent address and a good security that you may not get otherwise! You also get a secure parking place for your RV.


It is possibly not a good idea to keep the kids with you for full time, because RV parks aren’t secure place for them. Kids may feel a little uncomfortable and more than people in a small RV could make it chaotic.


Many people like to keep their pets along with them in the vehicle. But, it may often turn out to be troublesome. You need to keep pet food, medication, toy and special equipment for them. Some parks also charge extra fees for pets. A lot of pets can dirty the RV and smell it up. So, it is not advisable to keep pets in RV.

Transforming to a lifestyle change could be tough

Not everyone can adapt to living in a RV because just like anything else, it has its own pros and cons. However, people love this lifestyle and find it very interesting. It is very adventurous, independent and super exciting.