Fun Things to Do When It Rains on a Vacation

You’ve been saving and planning for this trip the entire year. You even packed three different pairs of flip flops, sunglasses, and surf rashies for variety’s sake. But when you opened your hotel room curtain and looked forward to a bright sky over blue waters, you saw heavy raindrops leaving short-lived patterns on the window ‒ and that, for sure, made you so sad.

Weather can make or break a beach getaway that we normally pray for the sun to come out and make the most of our beach trip. But the sad truth is that there’s always a chance of rain whether you plan for a trip around the dry season or not. Before you cry and rant on your socials, know that there are still exciting things that you can do to save your vacation. Consider updating your itineraries with the following activities below:

Enjoy a wine bath experience.

Staying indoors on your travel? No problem! Wine baths are the medieval trend that we didn’t know we’re actually missing these days. If you haven’t tried it yet, then your trip to NYC is the perfect moment to indulge yourself in a romantic wine bath experience. This may usually include a 30-minute special red wine soak in complete antioxidant properties of the Spanish Ribera del Duero red grapes and a relaxing full-body massage using grapeseed oil. You can also pamper yourself with a whole-day traditional Thai massage if you’re heading to Thailand. Or get some mani-pedi and body wax for a complete relaxing tour.

Play indoor pool games with kids.

This activity is best achieved when you are travelling with your tiny humans. We all know how children can get easily bored when staying indoors for a long time; so, finding ways to keep them entertained is very crucial on an interrupted vacation. You’ll certainly thank the hotel if they have indoor kiddie pools available. Gather the kids to the pool and play some interesting pool games to keep them engaged through the rest of the afternoon or at least until the sun comes out again.

Visit a trendy cafe nearby.

For solo travellers, you may find it relaxing to spend a rainy day in a local cafe that you’ve never visited before. This is the best time to slow down, appreciate the moment, and get to know a whole new cafe culture while you’re at the place Listening to the patters of rain while catching up on some reading and journal writing would just be perfect to spend your vacation while it rains.

Keep cosy in bed.

If it’s a honeymoon getaway and mother nature strikes, take it as a sign that the universe is giving you the opportunity to stay in bed and keep each other’s company. You can also try out a bubble bath, order some food service, or binge-watch Netflix. A pretty good-sized room would keep you entertained so might as well book for suite-type hotel or ask for a last-minute upgrade if there’s a possible chance of rain on your trip.

Screw the rain and go to the beach anyway.

While everyone else is trying to keep themselves dry on a rainy day, sometimes it feels a little intoxicating to just embrace the rain and go to the beach and not mind about getting wet as you’re already soaking in the water. Just remember that singing and dancing in the rain are surefire ways to enjoy the rest of your rainy trip. Although this idea is not advised if there are thunder, lightning, and flash-flood level of water.