Tips to stay fit and health in Your Travel Trip

Travelling is one of the best sources of fun, exploring new ideas and experience different culture. Trying to stay healthy and fit in your travel trip is actually more challenging. Many of time you are over eat and binge drinking. In many cases you have no time for exercise and your meal. Many of us do not follow the daily routine in their trip. Here are few tips you will stay healthy and active during the trip.

Tips to stay healthy during your trip

  1. Always start with healthy breakfast

Start your breakfast with healthy diet; make sure how many calories you get from your breakfast. Breakfast will give you energy for the day and get your metabolism pumping. You can also add egg, fruits and milk in your breakfast.

  1. Drink water to stay fit

Everyone known water is one of the great sources to stay healthy and fit in your trip. It will also help to hydrate your body. But drinking soda and cold drink during your trip is bad for your health. It will also dehydrate you and make you ill. But in many of places you can’t get a water easily you need to carry a water battle with filter.

  1. Take the stairs

Many of us known taking stairs are good for your health. It’s great workout and stays you fit and active during the trip. But In reality we avoid to use stairs and taking about elevator.

  1. Make tea your favourite drink

Tea is a magical drink and it gives you energy to adventurous activities during the trip. It’s the best antioxidant to protect your body from bacteria and pollution. Include a one tea in your daily diet. It will also keep you healthy and active in your trip.

  1. Carry protein bar

During the trip many us feel hungry and eat food from local shops. These foods are not healthy and make you ill. Carry a protein bar in your bag and eat it when you feel hungry. You can also include it in your morning meal.

  1. Wash your hand with shop

There are estimated 1,000 bacteria in your hands and cause you ill and other infection disease. Wash your hands with shop and water, everyone known about this. According to the recent studies peoples are still not washing their hands.

  1. Walk instead of ride to stay fit and healthy

If you want to go short distance then no need of Uber ride. Walk and burn calories and smell some beautiful roses. It’s nice and joy around new surroundings. Walking helps you physically fit and active and it’s one of the best exercises during the trip.

  1. Known What You Eating

Many of us don’t known about any food. We think it looks healthy and good but in reality it’s not a healthy food. If you are not sure about your food then ask or research before eating the food.

Your health is your biggest wealth in your trip. Stay fit and active during the trip and avoid local restaurants. Enjoy your wonderful trip with these tips.

Author Bio:

This article has written by Rajat Sharma. He is a lifestyle and traveller blogger from New Delhi, India and one of the writers and editor of Happiness Creativity Blog. He is nineteen years old, and when he is not working on some interesting new article, he enjoys listening to music and playing cricket.