9 You have to know things before you go to the Maldives

The planning of a trip to the Maldives is a little bit of expertise. Probably you spent hours watching the sun-kissed beaches and ultra-luxurious resorts, but how know you about the culture of the Maldives? Or are you up to speed with the current situation on the Maldives for currency and money? If you don’t worry, we have made everything possible to take you to the Maldives with you 10 things that you need to know prior to your dream holiday.

Where are the Maldives, therefore?

We shall see the location of the Maldives in order to have some geographical information before you go before we get into the Nitty-Gritty-Gritty. The Maldives are a collection of over 1.200 sandbanks, located below India and Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. These islands cover 800 km from north to south, but the Maldives is the 9th smallest country in the world. However, they have 440,000 inhabitants, with a majority living in Male, making this one of the most populous towns on earth.

Out of all the islands, only about 400 are inhabited and about 180 are resort islands on the Maldives (although the number is growing).

FAQ for Currency

On the Maldives, the monetary and cash situation can be somewhat confusing. After all, many of the top resorts in the Maldives are cashless. Sometimes US dollars are accepted as well. That is true, but the Maldives’ main currency is Rufiyaa (RF), which is divided into areas. The notes can be obtained in 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, and two different sizes.

You don’t need to bring much or even any Maldivian currency to you if you’re ready to chill in a resort in the Maldives. All major tourist resorts, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, can accept all major debit and credit cards. Your purchases will be added and presented to you as an account on deputy, depending on the package you choose (all included or room only, etc). Double-checking of the type of payment you accept, and exactly what your package includes, is always worth so that you will have no surprises when you leave.

If you say this, you may want your favorite staff to give you some cash. Now it is not important to keep on the Maldives, and when it comes to kipping, Maldives resorts have different rules. Many are going to add an additional charge directly to the price, but some or not, and I always appreciate leaving customers with cash tips and that bartender who made your holiday extra special. It is usually all right in US dollars too.

The currency exchange booths can be found on both Hulhule Island’s main International Airport and around major tourist areas. There are ATMs on and around the airport, and if you want to withdraw cash it might be a better option.

Items prohibited from the Maldives

Indeed, bringing any form of alcohol to the Maldives is not allowed. When you arrive, your bags are scanned to ensure that no baggage is carried by you. It is also illegal to bring tobacco and pork products that do not have a health warning.

Local Islands Customs

The Maldives are a completely Muslim country, so if you plan to visit the local islands, you have to take care to respect traditions. This means you are modestly dressed – cover your skin therefore every time. Many local beaches should also follow this rule. Some major hotels with access to the beach offer swimming facilities – but always double-check first in case of doubt. There are no resort islands in the Maldives and you can wear whatever you like. There is also no public affection here and any kind of alcohol is drunk so make sure you’re respectful when you plan to visit these local islands.

Maldives: Seaplanes and speedboats Transfers

Many people are shocked to learn that the cost of an international aircraft may actually be equal to the price. But please don’t let that put you off, a seaplane ride will probably be one of your life’s most magical flights. It’s like the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean, flying over white sandy islands, are seen by the birds. We definitely advise you to go on a seaplane when you have the option between a seaplane and a speedboat in the Maldives resort. Only speed boats are available in some of the nearest islands. Your staff at the Maldives Resort can offer and reserve options for you as well.

It should be noted that seaplanes are not able to leave after dark, therefore you may have to spend the night on Main Island when your flight arrives late. If so, the Hulhule Island Hotel may be recommended. The seaplane also includes a 25-gram baggage restriction. However, it is always best to check in advance in the event of overweight baggage, if there is more.

The Maldives is called the Dry Season and Monsoon or High and Low Seasons in two different Seasons. Between December and March is the high season. Expect hotel rates to double during that time as well. In these times, the resorts are also busier and rooms are often booked in advance for a lot of time.

You can expect drizzle in the late season, but this typically happens quite fast and it is also warm rain so that you still can dip into the sea. One advantage of visiting the offseason is that some great deals can be made at Maldives resorts – and this time it winsomely also be a bit calmer.

Packages for accommodation

The various accommodation packages in the Maldives are worth a visit, and you will then look for a resort in the Maldives accordingly. In fact, the Maldives has one of the most inclusive hotels in the world and can be excellent for tourists. Due to their remote location, imports (including food) are very expensive and therefore the prices are very high. An all inclusive option enables you to enjoy all the world’s wonderful cuisines, alcoholic and soft drinks, and snacks without worrying about a heavenly bill at the end. For many, the best way to enjoy the Maldives is by an all-inclusive package.

If you have a budget, you can go to a luxury resort in the Maldives that does not provide an all-in room option. You can therefore choose from a variety of restaurants and also have access to premium champagnes and spirits. If you are using this option, we definitely recommend that you check out and sample meals from restaurants to the Maldives Resort website. In this way, you get an idea not only of what it offers but also of how much it costs.

We can highly recommend Centara Grand Resort if you are looking for a highly valuable all-inclusive resort. We’re also very crazy about the resort and spa of Constance Moofushi. Both offer one of the most generous packages of all-inclusive that we saw, including large breakfast buffets, delicious lunches, and à la carte dinners. For information on the packages and the latest deals, click on the links.

Time for True Island

You may want to change your clocks at local time when you arrive at Male International Airport. But it is good to know that the local Islands can also run at a time that differs from the main airport on their own island. This time on the island will depend on how far you are from the mainland, so double check when you arrive.

Maldives: a green holiday

And last but not least, there is an incredibly vulnerable ecosystem in the Maldives. This is why many of the large resorts in the Maldives have implemented a number of eco-friendly initiatives to prevent environmental damage. This could include coral preservation, the preservation of water, and plastics reduction. When you go to the Maldives-as with anywhere-you should try to keep your bite low and help keep the beauty of the area amazing. You’ll find that.

One thing to remember is that any shell, sand, or coral with you is actually illegal. This helps to keep the beaches in natural and beautiful conditions. Although it may be tempting to take some sand or a coat, please simply leave it home.

The Maldives is one of the world’s best diving destinations, with an abundance of colorful marine life filled with the underwater seascapes. Please also respect the environment, if you plan on diving or snorkeling. It can be too easy to stand on and damage the coral when you are swimming with flippers. Keep in mind that coral actually lives and many sea creatures can live there. This can also be used to damage the coral in the ecosystem. Be aware that you are just putting your feet on sand, not on coral.

There you have nine things to know about (we are extremely jealous) before you jet off to those soft, sandy beaches. Before you leave and you will be golden, take these things into account.

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