Advantages of using Free VPN

At ground level, when you activate a Virtual Private Network as you go online, it offers two advantages:

  1. Privacy: It masks stuff like your IP address, location and search history to prevent it from getting tracked by companies, ISPs and websites.
  2. Security: It protects your personal details and other credentials from getting transited from one device to another.

But this is not all. A free VPN offers a lot more than this!

Hides your personal information

Apps and sites keep a track of your online activities and analyze the information they collect. A free VPN doesn’t allow them to access your connection and keeps your information anonymous and safe. Some VPNs offer 256-bit encryption of your data.

Avoid data throttling

Data throttling occurs when you use some data and then your internet service provider slows down the connection. With the help of a VPN, your data usage will be free from the control of ISPs.

Prevents bandwidth throttling

If you notice slow internet speed on some sites or at particular hours, you may be facing bandwidth throttling. IPS and other administrative controls may cause the slowdown. A VPN prevents it. It can fight the slow speed of the internet by encrypting the traffic of your device’s internet. It safeguards others on the same network from seeing your web traffic content and covers its destination.

Provides cost-effective leased line options

A VPN offers several savings for businesses. For instance, businesses may bypass buying or leasing costly network capacity lines which offer connectivity between office locations. On the other hand, it can connect through public infrastructure via cost-effective leased lines or broadband connectivity via local Internet Service Provider.

Get affordable long-distance calls

A VPN may lower charges of long-distance calls. For instance, rather than connecting through distant access services and dial-up networks to access the intranet of a company, you can easily connect to your local Internet service provider access point.

Offers network scalability

As companies develop, so does the expense of building a dedicated private network. VPNs permit companies to tap into network lines already present, possibly giving remote and global locations in particular better service and reach.

Lower support costs

With the help of a VPN, a business can lower their cost of maintaining services as support can be outsourced to companies who can offer support at a lower price structure.

Better performance

Apart from offering online security, a good VPN also enhances things like bandwidth. It offers better performance to internet users.


Some of the VPN networks are extremely affordable and work exceptionally well. Companies such as NordVPN offer different packages which cost as low as $3.49 on a monthly basis which is highly cost-effective to gain total privacy and anonymity.

The best VPN services depend on your requirements and needs. It offers all features, benefits and services you need. Selecting the right VPN means you are paying for your privacy, security and better internet experience. NordVPN is one of the most reliable names in this field. It offers seamless security, privacy and several plans according to your needs.