An Insight Of The Samsung’s S Pen Note 8

The Samsung s pen note 8 is the official Samsung note 8 Stylus. This official stylus pen offers accurate pressure along with perfect angle sensitivity. The sensors of the stylus are smart enough to magnify, indentify, navigate, and create and to inform. They come with complete palette of brushes and pen styles. It works just like a real pen does, plus, you don’t need to charge your stylus!

This stylus designed for note 8 can perfectly fit into the S pen slot. The instrument is very sturdy therefore the user can trust it while writing important tasks. It works very smoothly on the fantastic glass screen of the smartphone. The stylus gives you the same experience as of writing something on a paper, well; in fact it can deliver even better experience as it is something new and engaging.

So, you can enjoy a flawless writing experience on your smartphone with the newly launched Samsung S pen note 8. Sometimes, we get little careless and loose things that matter to us. So, if you have lost your Samsung note 8 Stylus and you are looking for ways to get the OEM version of it, then you can get a perfect replacement of your stylus pen, as well. There are many sites that offer this service with manufacturer warranty on the s pen note 8.  They usually have an easily shipping and return policy as well.

Having a note 8 S pen is great idea as it is one of the best technically advanced products that we have today. It gives a new experience to its users. Earlier, when we use meet people somewhere, we kept looking for a piece of paper and pen to write down the important stuff, most of use to end writing on our hands. Many times, the color of the ink use to bleed or we couldn’t find the paper, which use to cause delay and problems at work.

Well, times have changed now we have Smartphones, and to make it even more user-friendly we have stylus to help us. Now, we can easily take note of all important tasks at any place. Our smartphone works as a diary and stylus as a real ink pen. It stores data easily which stays there till we want it.

The note 8 S pen has a pressure sensitivity of 4096 levels. The instrument’s tip simulates the touch of a finger, so you can swipe, tap without leaving any traces of fingerprints on your phone. The device comes with a manufacturer warranty of one year. It is available in two colors – first is the orchid gray and the other one is midnight black.

So, as the technology is advancing, we as a consumer must also try technically ahead devices to get better user experiences, which is why, having a stylus is a good idea and the Samsung note 8 Stylus pen is one of the best s pens available in the market, in the current times.