Doing SEO to website is worth?

Some people think that SEO is dead but it’s not, few old SEO techniques are!

Google’s algorithm updates are only supposed to get rid of spam and poor quality content, which has no place on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP), to begin with. The new design on Google’s search results page means that your organic rankings have to compete for clicks with more elements. And at the same time, they also bring in new opportunities for high-quality content, image, and video SEO. Google has become a lot better at distinguishing high-quality content from poorly optimized, spam.

The dominating Spammy SEO practices will no longer work. For example:

  • Spammy backlinks to website.
  • Copying content from another website.
  • Keyword stuffing.
  • Slow and unreliable Websites.
  • Websites not optimized for mobile devices.
  • And other malpractices now get penalized by Google.

With such updates and tweaks in Google’s algorithms, old SEO tactics that used to dominate and puch websites to top rankings, simply won’t work anymore.

Example If someone offers backlinks for purchase on Fiverr. Yes, if you were buying 100k backlinks for $5 on Fiverr – you need to stop right now and Say “NO” to such kind of practices. These practices won’t help you to rank high in search results, but they’re also more likely to get you penalized, and reduce the chances of ranking even further.

So, when someone asks you that is it “worth doing seo for website”, then just say it’s still worth every penny. But we need to know how to do SEO correctly if we want to get all the benefits without getting chopped by Google Panda.

Now, let’s just have a look at how to conduct SEO to rank on Google, in 2021.

How to do SEO in 2021 to rank at top in Google

SEO is actually becoming more effective with good practices, as 82% of marketers reporting effectiveness, and 42% of marketers of this group stating effectiveness is increasing significantly.

By simply understanding how Google works, we can take advantage of this knowledge and make it work in our favour.

There are Mainly three ranking pillars of Google:

  1. Great user experience (UX)
  2. High-quality content
  3. Website authority

You need to optimize each page or part of the website to align with what Google considers a great UX and high-quality content. That’s essentially what SEO is.

To rank high in Google in 2020, you need to perform two types of SEO:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization


  1. On-page optimization

This type of SEO is conducted on your site; you have full control over the process and the end result. On-page SEO is further divided into two more sections:

  • Technical SEO – This includes improvements to your website’s performance and UX such as: a mobile-friendly site, fast loading speed, correct site architecture, sitemaps, implementing schema markup (important for those new SERP features), installing an SSL certificate, etc.
  • Content Optimization – It Starts with keyword research to find topics around which you’ll use to create your content. You can use tools such as Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner. Once you find your target topic, you optimize it with title tags and meta descriptions, H1, H2, H3… headings, keyword density, image SEO, internal and external linking, etc.


  1. Off-page optimization
  • Off-page SEO method is also referred as link-building method.
  • This process is done away from your site, and you don’t have much control over it. Its helps to increase your site’s authority in your niche.
  • Example of how backlinks connect your site to an external website
  • Higher authority means that other websites refer to your pages, signalling Google that your content is high-quality. Your best bet is to create amazing content and get links (aka backlinks) from other sites.

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