Few Good Reasons Why Smartphones Are Called Smart

Smartphones today have become an integral part of our routine lives due to the hundreds of smart features being offered by them. Smartphones are intelligent gadgets for real which are changing our ways of communication and entertainment. These highly advanced cell phones like iPhones; BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy, etc. have outraged the regular phones in terms of features, speed, versatility and connectivity.

The Smartphones are smart in true sense as they have almost replaced the usage of iPod, mp3 players, digital cameras or notebooks in our lives. Yeah! A smartphone provides you the benefits of all these and much more.

Some of the reasons that Smartphones are considered to be smart are as below-

  1. Fast Internet Connectivity: The consistently improving hardware and software of smartphones have made it a device that provides real fast connection to Internet. Besides, now you can even have access to Wifi, 3G and 4G services through your smartphone. The advanced software which are being used in the latest smartphones give you a user friendly interface and make you feel like working on a laptop or notebook. Thus you can browse net at any time and at any place you want.
  2. Various modes of communication: A smartphone provides you many modes through which you can communicate very easily. Apart from making a voice call and texting, you may also use the facilities of e-mail, video calling, conference calling etc. Smartphones also provide you an easy access to social networking sites through which you can stay connected to the world every moment.
  3. Access to thousands of Applications and Games: Smartphones bring to you a vast number of apps from the field of sports, movies, music, travel, etc. Thousands of games are also available. These apps and games can be downloaded for free or on paying a little amount.
  4. High Resolution still Camera and Video Recorder: Smartphones provide you the best of cameras in terms of resolution which extend to several megapixels. Most of the smartphones today have better quality camera than digital camera itself. Thus you can capture high quality pictures as well as make videos from your Smartphone. Some smartphones also have LED flash that makes the camera usable even in dark.
  5. Business Applications: Smartphones now are installed with such application software that allows them to be used for official purposes. You can have access to MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel from your smartphone and can also schedule appointments and meetings and add reminders for them.
  6. Entertainment Purposes: It is said that if you own a Smartphone, you can probably never get bored. A Smartphone gives you hundreds of alternatives for recreation like Music player, movie player, video player, etc. You can very easily download a movie or stream videos on your Smartphone and store them.
  7. Other Notable Features: Smartphones are used widely now as they are beautifully designed and are quite portable, sleek and compact in size. Many of them are even water resistant and have strong battery life. Most of the smartphones today are touch screen; thus they are quite easy to operate. Besides, they come up with a large storage capacity which is often further expandable.