What We Still Don’t Know About Smartphone

Smartphone users contribute to a large number of the total number of 270 million of mobile users. Smartphone is the latest developed technology in the field of mobile phones. The development of Smartphones has led to the eradication of other conventional phones. It is quite clear that Smartphones are quite different from conventional mobile phones due to their capability to do almost anything and everything.  There is no end to the functionality of Smartphones. It even allows you to access the Internet faster along with the power to select from the millions of apps which render amazing services which range from education to entertainment, business help to GPS tracking.


You have uncountable number of apps for your limitless choice in the field of communication, marketing, business, entertainment, health, finance, beauty and education. But there are few things which we still don’t know about Smartphones:

Smartphones have slowly been changing Our Lives but Surely Not for Our Betterment:

We cannot deny with the vast help which the Smartphones offer in any field. But what goes unnoticeable are bad effects which the Smartphones cause and we truly don’t even know about them. As per the reports of expert, though Smartphones are responsible for the changes in our lives, yet the changes might not be beneficial for us.

Devastating a Good Vacation

Smartphones help you to remain connected with your friends and family for almost 24 x 7. They offer you the facilities of SMS, MMS, Voice Call, Video Call, Free Messaging Apps, Email and Call. These supportive features are quite helpful in the field of business, finance, marketing and trade where you require time to time updates on a regular basis. It is helpful when you work, but not really when you out with your family on a vacation and need to spend some quality time with them.

When you’re Obsessed, you’re Obsessed

Just like smoking and drinking is addictive. Few experts believe that the use of Smartphones can also raise some kind of addiction amongst its users. As said by the Michigan Professor, if Smartphones is used after a finishing a day’s work, the person can become obsessed and getting away from the obsession of relaxing from it after work hours could be really difficult. People are seen with the sense of anxiety which is developed with the use of Smartphones. Users hold the characteristic feature to reply to the notification immediately without delay. There is a feeling of fear that they might miss something important which everyone else would know about if they don’t see the notice on their Smartphone.

Loss of Etiquette

The manners and etiquette for social gathering, parties and meetings are not the same now. We see bending people and hiding themselves in order to escape from the eyes of other people so that they may just check their Smartphones if they are up to date with all the events.

Thus, we see the loss which Smartphones cause to us. Hence it is very essential to use your gadget very carefully and as per need. It is suggested to use it whenever needed and not use it continuously. Using it properly and carefully will provide you best of the gadget without affecting you in any way.