Android Music Applications One Cannot Miss To Have

People today are a lot aware of their preferences in everything including music. There are numerous music applications in the hub today and you can select anyone of them which suits you best. These applications are amazingly ‘smart’ and user friendly. There are applications which can even predict your mood and play a list of songs accordingly by ‘learning’.  Android has many music applications but some are way more popular than others cause of their unique features.

Top 5 Best Rated Android Music Applications

Some of the top rated applications in the market are:


Almost like iTunes but still different in the sense that it charges on a monthly basis and not per song. Spotify provides you with an unlimited access to a huge (around 15 mil) database of tracks. You can also download and make playlists and it will store the tracks in your local memory drive so as to prevent any interruptions whatsoever. It is no doubt better than iTunes.


This is a stereotypical “cool” application which you can flaunt in front of your friends. It uses the accelerometer inside your phone to direct the playlist. You can swipe your hand across the screen without touching it and go to the next track. You can also play or pause a song by keeping your palm on top of it for different time intervals. Giving justice to its name sensor has marked a niche in the world of music applications.


Don’t you just hate it when you cannot remember a song but a tune gets stuck in your head? Well, no worries, Shazam is so smart that all you have to do is literally hum the tune in the microphone of you r device and it will search from millions of tracks and give you all the songs which even faintly are similar to your tune. One can confidently say that this music application is one of its kinds.


The amazing thing about this music application is that it creates playlist according to your mood. It selects the songs from your playlist and makes a playlist out of them depending whether you wish to listen to slow songs or fast or a separate genre. One more bonus fact about this application is that it lets you share your playlist with other Songza community. You can also edit and create a separate playlist for yourself. The look of the playlist can also be customized if you have a creative edge to your personality.

VLC media player on android:

The only reason this music application can never go out of style because of the only fact that the number of song formats it supports is inestimable. It does not need to download a different codec for every format. It comes with an integrated codec’s support. I believe that there must have been countless of times when VLC came to the rescue when a certain format is not getting read by any application. This music application can always be found on every android phone just on account of its support features.