Apps That Are Teachers Best Pal

Smartphones are the reason that lives of people have become easier. They help us in every aspect of life. Smartphones have not only made life easier for the students but has also come to rescue teachers. There are some apps that help teachers a lot in their work attendance to presentations, these apps will wow your students and save you precious time. Some of these apps are as follows.

Teacher Pal

When it comes to being a teacher, one of the most important parts of the job is of taking an attendance and to keep a grade book to maintain the grade of students; this is the place where teacher Pal comes to your rescue providing solutions to all your problems. Teacher pal is a very simple and effective device that helps you to track grades of students, take their attendance. You can do this by stetting up profile for your students which would include necessary details about them; you can mail their parents about their progress through this app.

Stick Pick

If you are a Teacher then you have been using Popsicle sticks from a can, so that you can eliminate biasness to call students for some thing. This app helps you a lot in this process, you can put name of every child of the class in the sticks, and then you just have to tab it or shake it and choose one name randomly. You can even use it in Bloom’s Taxonomy; here you can choose levels of cognitive development of the child, such as Comprehension, Knowledge, Application, Synthesis, Evaluation and Analysis. You would be able to track the responses you receive from every student, and later view their individual performances and email it to their parents.


This app should be an obvious app in your smartphone if you are a teacher. Key note has the ability to import to power point presentations, or you can create your own keynote files from scratch on your smartphone.

Essay Grader

if you are an English teacher then it is very useful for you, but if you are not, still you would find it to be useful as you have writing requirements, either essay style of assignments. Essay Grader provides you with criteria check boxes so that it can quickly evaluate essays or other writing assignments and generate grades easily. You can personalize each step with different students and give specific comments. Through this app you can email results and even export documents to the computer, thus save your valuable time a lot.


As a teacher you have to manage a lot of different types of documents for which you need a solid file management system are a must. This app supports VGA output, which would be perfect for your classrooms. Thus you would be able to project Microsoft office documents, handouts, PDF or any document within your smartphone. Another feature of this app is that, is includes cloud based storage devices, access to the attachments in your email and even to FTP sites.