Common Signs for Your Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repairing

People in London are reliant on the cooling systems during the scorching season. Your air conditioner system, being a machine, may throw up problems at any point of time. To resolve all these problems, the annual preventive maintenance is considered the best solution to ensure continuous service during the summer months. It is risky to run a home air conditioner for loft room with minor problems as the problems may soon snowball into major ones, requiring costly repairing and shortened life span.

Take some time to go through this blogpost and get familiarise with the common symptoms that say, your AC requires a repairing urgently.

Common problems with your AC

  • Dirty air filter: An air filter clogged with dirt affects the efficiency of a cooling system.
  • Frozen coil: Lower level of refrigerant or obstructions inside the system lead to formation of ice.
  • Low refrigerant: When the refrigerant level dips much below, it is regarded as a sign of leak and requires immediate attention.
  • Faulty wiring: The wiring of AC machines is commonly damaged by rodents and poor installation. Such a condition increases the chances of a fire breakout.
  • Control issues: By mistake the thermostat is set to warmth instead of cool and this affects the normal functioning of your cooling system.

According to the professionals dealing in loft air conditioning maintenance in London, in addition to the factors mentioned above, lack of proper maintenance of any AC may lead to excess wear and tear issues.

Signs your AC throws when it needs immediate repairing

According to the experts, there’re certain signs that every air conditioner system invariably reveals to inform all concerned that it is in need of urgent repairing. The symptoms include the following:

  • Odd smell: A pungent, metallic odour signals an electrical fault and this has to be dealt with immediately. Else, there is a high chance of fire breakout any moment, damaging both lives and property. A musty odour, on the other hand, signifies growth of mold inside the system.
  • Strange noises: If you keep hearing a range of unnatural noises, including grating, squealing, clicking and grinding just don’t panick. These sounds usually originate due to issues like slipped belt, lack of proper lubrication or broken motor bearings inside the system.
  • Insufficient cooling: At some point of time or the other, your air conditioner may fail to provide sufficient cooling or blow warm air. These are the issues that involve the compressor or low refrigerant level.
  • Low air flow: A low or poor air flow indicates a failing compressor. However, issues like accumulation of dust in the ductwork or dirty system components are also known to lead to the problem.
  • Excessive moisture: Suddenly, if the humidity level rises or you detect water damage or leakage anywhere near the AC, probably you’ve issues of a blocked or cracked drain tube. Professionals dealing with loft air conditioning repairs in London warn that such problems could lead to mold growth.

Schedule your air conditioning maintenance and repair on time to avoid all such unwanted problems.