Different Types Of Cribs For Babies

It is already known that the baby cribs are the most essential stuff that is used by most of the babies. The babies are attached to their cribs until they get thee ability to decide things for themselves. This is why knowing about crib options that are available in the market these days is extremely important for the parents. There are basically four types of cribs that are available in market, each offered in different designs, size and colors. Let’s check the those four cribs –

The standard baby crib – This type of crib is found almost everywhere. It has rectangular sides, which are usually plain. It is good for babies of one to two year old. It is the most common one. After the year, 2010, it was made better in terms of safety for the baby.

The convertible baby cribs – This is a unique crib because it has the ability to adjust according to the height of the baby mattress that is laid inside the crib. You can convert it into a toddler bed, as well. It is bit more expensive but it is safer and more durable when compared to standard cribs.

Round baby cribs – This is a new style crib which looks great in your baby’s room. It gives a very charming effect to the entire room. It provides the child with more space to play but it will get outgrown as your baby grows into a toddler.

The canopy baby cribs – These are very different from rest of the listed options which is why they are named as the canopy cribs. Such cribs come with a canopy at the top of your baby’s crib. These are very comfortable as they provide a very cute and comfortable ambience to your baby to play and sleep. But, you need to take out the canopy after 6 months as your baby grows so that they don’t try to come out of the crib by holding the canopy.

Thus, if you are planning to buy a new crib for your newly born then the above mentioned types can help you in deciding the best type of crib for your home. Other factors that may influence your purchase are price, safety features, colors, design, material and bedding material.

Yes, the baby beds are something of great importance. They should of good quality material and highly absorbent in nature. The baby needs a good and peaceful sleep in order to grow better which is why you must choose the best baby beds for your kid. Infants are delicate and sensitive and only well tested and soft fabric bedding must be used for them.

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