Simple & Fun Crafts Ideas for Kids

Summer is around the corner and the kids have their vacations on the way. kids would not like to go and play around in the summer it’s healthy for them.

Now, that the kids are free and have a lot of time at home these are a few craft ideas which can keep the kids busy for a while at home.

Simple paper spin wheel


Making spin wheels is very easy and simple to make . It is simple for the children to make and it will keep them occupied with a little supervision.the kids can start playing with it and have a little fun and at the smme time it can be used as diy decor. they can be used to decorate baby showers as well.these can be placed at the play area for kids to  grab them when they want and they can play with them.

  • Things you will need- scissors, pencil,ruler, craft paper or recycled paper, straw, push pin.

Find a paper wheel template over the internet and print it out, and cut the paper accordingly and attach the corners to the middle and add the straw from behind and to put all of these at place use the push pin to secure them at a place.



Quilling is something that can be very time taking, it gives the kids sometime to learn patience and it becomes interesting after a while once you get the hang of it, quilling sets are available anywhere online and in craft stores, and there is simple procedure given with the quilling kits to know the basic tricks. This is one of the best activity for kids in school as arts and craft activities.

  • Things you will need- Toothpicks, glue, quilling paper, quilling stick.

Start by making simple quills, with the help of the quilling stick and after that, simple designs of the flowers can be made and can be stuck on a paper or any background and create your own designs, the kids can use their creative side to this.

3 ingredient play dough:


This is very easy to make it hardly takes 10 mins to make, and the ingredients you need are available in your very own kitchen. And it’s an excellent way to keep the kids busy.

  • Things you will need -, 1 cup baking soda, ¾ cup water, ½ cup cornstarch,l oil, food coloring (optional),2-3 drops of essentia.

Add the ingredients into a bowl ,once you add all the ingredients then start heating them up and , it stats to get together and a little hard, after 5 mins turn off the heat and put it into a parchment paper let it cool down for a while, the food colouring can be added once its cool down and the kids can do this part , they can play with this dough.

Vegetable painting:

This is a fun games for children to keep them engrossed in this exercise , these ingredients are found in the kitchen and they are not harmful to kids at all.

Vegetable like ladyfingers  or a capsicum can be cut and given to the kids so that they can dip the vegetable in the paint and then print it onto a per by creating good patterns and once its dried they can be framed and hanged somewhere where the kid wants it.there are places for kids in Hyderabad where the kids can go and learn this art specially.