Top 3 Most Recognizable Superheroes

There are dozens of superheroes we can find in TV shows, movies, and comic books.  I’m sure anyone could name at least ten superheroes they are familiar with. However, the three most recognizable superheroes would most likely be Bathman, Ironman, and Spider-man.  All of these characters have many comic books, TV shows, and movies centered around their stories, and people both young and old can’t seem to get enough of their saving the world!  This article focuses on these three superheroes and their stories.


Batman is part of the world of DC comics.  He can be recognized wearing his black cape, batman mask, and yellow utility belt equipped with crime fighting tools and will most likely be driving in an awesome looking car he calls the Batmobile.  Batman’s story begins when he was a young child.  His pedestrian name is Bruce Wayne, and when Bruce Wayne was very young he was a witness to the murder of his parents.  From that point on, Bruce Wayne developed the alter ego of Batman, and dedicated himself to a life of crime fighting and keeping Gotham City as peaceful as possible.  Some of his enemies have included the Joker, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, The Riddler, and Two-Face to name just a few.  Batman also enlists the help of his sidekick Robin to help him fight the crime in Gotham City. Batman has been a favorite superhero for over 70 years!


Ironman, also known as Tony Stark, is a part of Marvel Comics and is another superhero favorite and has been in the superhero business since 1963.  Tony Stark became Ironman while attending a military demonstration in which some of his hardware was being tested. During the demonstration, there was a terrorist attack and Tony was wounded by a piece of shrapnel from mine, which lodged in his chest.  Tony was then taken prisoner by the terrorists, along with another scientist, and was being forced to create machinery for the terrorists.  However, Tony and the other scientist instead developed a combat suit Tony had been working on, but this time it was for him. The combat suit ran from the power of an electromagnet force which was powered by the piece of shrapnel in Tony’s chest, also serving to keep Tony alive.  The rest is history.  Tony become Ironman and begins fighting bad guys, as well as developing the Avengers team and the spy agency SHIELD.


Spider-man, or Peter Parker, is another superhero favorite.  Peter park, boy genius and science enthusiast, was attending a science exhibit when he was bit on the hand by a radioactive spider.  Although Peter did not realize what type of spider this was at the time, he soon found out that the bite was more than a typical spider bite.  Peter developed the instincts, strength, and agility of a spider, as well as the ability to cling to almost any surface.  Although reluctant at first, Peter Parker eventually accepted his fate as Spider-Man and began fighting off bad guys like the Chameleon, the Tinkerer, Dr. Octopus, and Doctor Doom, all of whom he defeated of course!!

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