Does anti-fog work for glasses and will it work when it’s cold outside

Nothing frustrates a glass wearer more than getting their eyewear fogged up while working outside in the cold or wearing a face mask. Not only fogged lenses irritate you, but they also are a safety issue as they restrict your ability to see till the fog is wiped.

How do lenses get fogged?

Lens fogging majorly occurs because of water vapour condensation.  The condensation takes place when the vapour from your breath or sweat or the humidity lands on the cold lens surface. The vapour cools down quickly and transforms to liquid drops forming a sheet of film which can be seen as fog.

Difference in relative humidity, climate and physical activity of the wearer affects how fast your lenses get fogged. Usually lens fogging is more in low temperature and during hot and humid weather. Your activities also add to the chances of fogging because of your sweat, rise in the amount of humidity around your lenses.

How does anti-fog for glasses prevent fogging?

A lot of anti fog for glasses make use of anti-fogging sprays and agents which prevent condensation of vapours to liquid droplets. The treatment functions by lowering surface tension, leading to a non-scattering film of water rather than single droplets.

In simple words, anti-fog for glasses comes with a coating which prevents condensation of vapour on the surface of the lens. Hence there is no fogging on the lens. The water vapour will still condense with time, but the procedure is very slow. The delay in the formation of water droplets depend on the quality of the anti-fog treatment as well as the climatic conditions.

What anti-fog options can you use?

Luckily you have a number of options available for anti-fog glasses, sunglasses as well as goggles. There are several brands which offer this option at different prices. So you can shop according to your budget. Remember the better the anti-fog treatment, the higher will be cost. The is one of the best options to go for.

Imagine yourself seeing through a fog-free lens while wearing a mask. Well this anti-fog lens gives you this facility. It eradicates the problem of foggy lens completely while rectifying your vision. It also ends the need of using temporary anti-fog sprays and wipes.

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