Novelties Of Dietetics About Useful And Harmful Products

Some people are so obsessed on a healthy diet that sometimes this condition turns into a real mania. This mental disorder has a name – nervous orthorhysis (orthorexia nervosa).

Such people carefully monitor the composition, quality and freshness of products, refuse from meat in favor of fish, prefer organic fruits and vegetables. In addition, they are constantly counting calories and the number of meals. They would rather die of hunger than allow themselves to eat something before bed.

It would seem that there is nothing bad in such a responsible attitude to their own health. However, in practice, the constant fixation of a person on digestive problems often leads to a breakdown of this very digestion. Instead of the desired health and beauty of the soul and body, a person suffering from orthorhysis acquires a bunch of sores, becomes a pale and thin neurotic.

In addition, how can one not worry, if not only very inquisitive British scientists, but also nutritionists of other nationalities, studying the influence of certain products on health, often come to contradictory conclusions? On the other hand, they can radically change their mind about the benefits or harms of certain products. Moreover, from one extreme, unfortunate orthorecs immediately rush into the other, which further harms their health. As they say, everything is good in moderation. Here are just a few interesting news from the field of modern dietology.

What is dangerous in fried fish?

It would seem, that there is nothing more useful than a fish. It contains phosphorus for the brain, vitamin D for bone strength, polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3, which reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It has already been proved that fish lovers are less likely to have cancer than meat eaters.

However, American researchers from the University of Alabama managed to find some dangerous aspects. It turns out that not every fish is good. Thus the polyunsaturated fatty acids were not oxidized under the influence of air, light and high temperatures and do not lose their medicinal properties, the fish should be either completely fresh or freshly frozen.

Yet it should be baked with vegetables and herbs or boiled. When the fish is being fried, Omega 3, contained in it, loses some of its properties.

American scientists conducted a study in which more than 20,000 people over the age of 45 took part, and came to a disappointing conclusion: eating fried fish two or more times a week does not benefit the heart, but, conversely, is associated with an increased risk of stroke and early death from heart disease.

People with liver and pancreas can not eat moderately fat or very fat fish. Pregnant women are not recommended to eat tuna. This fish lives in the ocean for a long time, therefore accumulates a lot of mercury and other harmful substances that can lead to disruption of the development of the fetus.

The danger of tea drinking

On a hot summer day, it is pleasant to refresh yourself with delicious cold tea from a beautiful bottle. This is what the cheerful television advertising calls us. However, the producers of this product and the creators of the advertising themselves keep silent about the fact that when dehydrating the body in the heat, the consumption of ready-made cold tea from bottles that contains a high concentration of oxalates can lead to the formation of kidney stones.

This statement was made by American scientists on the basis of numerous studies, the results of which were published in several scientific journals of the United States. At the same time, they emphasized: those who think that cold tea in bottles is more useful than carbonated drinks or beer are mistaken. The best substitute for tea from bottles, according to experts, can be ordinary water with a slice of lemon, which tones well and perfectly quenches thirst.

Sweets do not influence your body

Most modern diets for weight loss suggest a complete rejection of sweets. Since childhood, we have been taught that not only teeth, but also a figure, are affected by sweets and jam. American doctors decided to check, whether it is the truth or not. After conducting a series of experiments on the effect of sugar on the body, they came to an unequivocal conclusion. Sweets in no way affect whether a person have obesity or not. Although in rare cases, sweet can still become an activator of the appearance of unhealthy fullness, if the body is disturbed by metabolism and energy exchange. But the benefits of sweet undoubted: it is a wonderful antidepressant, thanks to which a person calms down and stops constantly thinking about food and excess weight.


The last quarter of the last century was marked by the widespread medical propaganda of the harm of chicken eggs. For adults, nutritionists advised either to completely abandon this cholesterol-rich product, or to eat no more than one or two eggs a week.. One egg does contain about 200 milligrams of cholesterol, however, as it was recently discovered, it is not bad cholesterol, which spoils blood and blood vessels, but good cholesterol, necessary for producing a number of hormones and strengthening immunity.

They contain a lot of selenium, which protects us from cancer, and choline (vitamin B4), which stimulates cardiac activity and helps to remove toxins from the body. Needless to say, how valuable is the protein of a chicken egg, which is easily absorbed by the body. All this makes eggs an indispensable product for pregnant women, – says the famous American dietician Elizabeth Ward, advising future mothers to consume at least two eggs a day. Best of all is to eat hard boiled eggs, as fried eggs contain carcinogenic substances, besides they are higher in calories.

The main source of health and … diseases

According to the World Health Organization, health of a person is 70% dependent on what he eats. Scientifically proven that inadequate nutrition significantly affects life expectancy and leads to the development of non-infectious diseases: cardiovascular, oncological, diabetes mellitus, metabolic disorders.

Scientists insist, that those who want to be healthy should take into account the principles of proper nutrition, developed in the world practice, but taking into account local peculiarities. At the heart of the daily diet of every American, there should be vegetables and fruits (5 servings per day), animal products, grains and legumes, correct fats (for example, nuts) and, finally, simple carbohydrates.

In addition, the habit of proper nutrition should be developed from early childhood.

Even worse are our schoolchildren, who refuse to eat healthy milk products, fruits and vegetables, preferring fast carbohydrates in the form of sweets and fast food. This leads to obesity and diabetes.

Risky experiments

According to scientists from Duke University (USA), you should not get involved in diets and newfangled food systems. Best of all, making up the menu, focus on your own well-being. Cardinal changes in the diet, for example, a sharp rejection of protein products or the transition from vegetarianism to meat-eating very quickly lead to changes in the intestinal flora. When changing the diet, not only the number of different bacteria changes, but also the expression of their genes that determine the behavior of these bacteria.

Nutrition affects our well-being not in the distant future, as was previously thought, but only a few hours after eating, – such a conclusion was made by American researchers.

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