Enjoy the freedom in Bora Bora Islands

Have you ever given a thought about what heaven looks like? If yes then you must visit Bora Bora Island to witness the answer to this question with your eyes. You will be astounded by the overwater bungalows that are stretched out in the pristine blue water which is clear as crystal. The vibrant coral beaches will woo your heart and give you a heaven like an experience that is hard to find in our day to day lives held up by desk-jobs. If you are looking for a destination to spend your next vacation then congratulations you’ve got one.

Bora Bora Islands

Why Bora Bora Islands?

The Bora Bora Islands is a part of French Polynesia that is one in a kind

Island with a unique heritage, interesting landscape, and stunning experiences. Though the only con of this place is that it is not at all budget-friendly which cancels the opportunity to visit the place for many. But if money is not what you are caring of then head towards the paradise on earth. If you are an adventurous soul then you can also relish the water sports that include scuba diving, jet ski, snorkeling and much more. Relax with the spas and foot massages.

How to head towards Bora Bora Islands?

The stablest way to reach this place is by flight. You must plan your trip in advance to avoid any confusion and issues. Start by locating a good deal to fly to the place safely. Search for best offers, I got mine at Delta Airlines Reservations booking page.

If you are looking for a good hotel in this place then you must go for the overwater bungalows that will cost you between $750 and $4000 a night. Though the beach villas will cost you $600 and $1000 a night.  And the food here will cost you $50 to $100 for each person. Though this amount varies on the meal to meal and restaurant to restaurant.

What to do in Bora Bora Islands?

Though there are so many places to explore in this place yet you will enjoy the most in the overwater bungalows. Once you feel bored there you must traverse the below-mentioned places:

Lagoon Tour’s:

You can experience the most exciting activities in crystal clear water of these islands. Go for snorkeling trips that take you to catamaran sails. You can also experience sunset on private cruises with your loved one. You can also try waterskiing, windsurfing, underwater cycling, and helmet diving. My favorite has to be sailing on the glass bottom boats that make you feel one in a million because let’s face it, you will be going back to the office and get flashbacks of all this.

Kayaking and SUP:

For the adventure lovers, the best thing is to get going for some exercise in the water by borrowing a kayak or a SUP from the resort you are staying in. The Bora Bora lagoon is a hub of corals, sharks and a billion of astonishing fishes. Simply dive in and feel close to nature and feel all your nerves and senses in the calm water.


If you are bored with water sports or you are an aquaphobic person then you can opt for hiking. You must go for the most renowned trail of Bora Bora known as Mount Pahia. If you are well trained then you can go by yourself opt for tours that offer the same with the appropriate precautions.


If you are looking for some fun then you must go biking in the Bora Bora Island. There is an 18 miles ring road which will give you an unshrinking experience with a venturesome view. The path is all covered with beautiful trees that will provide you the necessary shade and calm.

Helicopter Ride:

This ride was available for a long time but it varies occasion to occasion as per circumstances. Once you are here you must check with local if this option is available at the moment. Tahiti helicopters provide a mindblowing view and worth the money and efforts.

Beach Hopping:

This experience will help you experience the motu hopping for which you need a boat. You can lend a boat from a travel company, that can be without a captain or without a captain. You can examine the beaches by yourself here.

Luxurious Experiences:

After you exhaust from the water sports you will want to relax and just chill fro which you must head towards the luxurious spas and massages. If you are not a spa person then you must go for a private dinner with your loved one and live in the moment away from the monotonous life. You will get mouthwatering cuisines and flavourful dishes that will feed your soul along with the stomach.

You can also check out desire-experience.com and enjoy some great stay in the resorts and you can be sure of having some great time and experience something really great.

I know after reading this article you must be daydreaming about Bora Bora Islands, after all, it a must-visit place and has no comparison with other destinations. You must do the aforementioned activities for a fabulous experience.

Pro Tip:

If you wish to enjoy your vacation to the fullest then you must start planning everything well in advance. Look for highly-rated hotels, flights, go-to spots, and good food joints online. The most important from all is, you must make reservations as soon as possible to avail of some good deals and offers. You can go to the Delta Airlines Flight Reservations booking page for the same.