Fiber Lasers Stands Solidly With These 4 Benefits

What actually is a fiber laser?

It is a type of solid-state laser that uses an optical fiber as a gain medium. There is a core in the center of the fiber which is actually doped with rare earth elements like erbium, ytterbium, neodymium, dysprosium, praseodymium, thulium and holmium and you really don’t have to think about which element has been used, but make that Fiber is used at the center of the laser machine.

Here are four reasons why the industry must opt Fiber laser:

Nowadays, many industries have started to invest in fiber lasers, as it has multiple benefits than any other machines in the markets. Here are the benefits:

More Speed: Why customers are buying this it because of its sheer speed as it is capable to increase efficiency. They are considered as the fastest marking technology because for some application they are marking it in less than one second. No other old technology can beat fiber laser.

Fiber lasers are more powerful in terms of speed and aggression.

Energy effectiveness: Well, as I told you it is very fast, still they are energy efficient when compared with other lasers and technologies. This even gives your less power consumption and helps in making the system simpler, smaller, and more reliable.

Let me tell you something that Fiber laser works on the basic cooling system rather than using other chilling unit and this saves lots of money. Many industries have been opting fiber lasers in order to build manufacturing lines.

Long life: Well, when compared with other laser solutions, a fiber laser is far better in terms of life expectancy. There is a diode module in fiber laser that helps in increasing its life three times longer than other old technologies. There are other lasers who last for around 30,000 – 50,000 hours, which is nearly about 25 years.

But Fiber laser has last for like 100,000 hours which is almost about 45 years. Obviously, industries will not be using fiber laser for 45 years, there will be a new invention, but today it is the only machine giving an impressive return on investment.

Laser Power: Due to the duration of power delivery, a fiber laser is capable of deep marking. Fiber laser delivers extended pulses rather than giving a continuous stream of energy. Fiber laser even pulses over 200,000 times per second, they even extend their pulse in order to avoid those damagingly high energy level. So they actually function for a longer period of time and are capable of marking deep.

Conclusion: When fiber lasers are so outstanding energy efficient, then there is no point if you are not buying it for your business. You will find several fiber lasers manufacturers online and offline offering your multiple deals.

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