Getting Your iPhone Insured

Statistics suggest that 1 in 3 iPhones get damaged, lost or stolen. It can cause a great deal of stress not just financially but also on account of the loss of connectivity for days. There are many insurance companies in the market which usually provide a three level insurance- basic, lite and full.

In ‘basic’ cover plan the insurance policy covers any damage to the device like:

  • Screen cracking due to getting dropped from a height.
  • Any liquid spilled on the device.
  • Any damage caused by the device dropping into any liquid even the toilet.

In ‘lite’ cover plan the insurance policy also covers the device if it gets stolen.

In ‘full’ cover plan the device can be claimed even if it gets lost. It also covers all the conditions of the basic and lite plan.

Many insurance companies like squaretrade, protect your bubble, insurance2go, Talkcover etc. provide you with iPhone 4s accidental damage cover. Simply put, any accidental damage insurance is better than any warranty provided.

One cannot be more careful while choosing which insurance company to go for. Some companies charge higher than the others but many times they are the ones to be trusted. Many companies which may offer a very cheap and attractive offer may turn out to be a bad choice when a claim would be made.

The premiums are submitted on a monthly or an annual basis. Paying annually is sometimes more beneficial than monthly. It leaves you free for an entire year and you also save up a lot of money. Insurance companies also provide you with offers to pay for more than a year like 2 or 3 years. Many times a deal like this is not smart because people tend to change their phones each year or a year and a half. So be careful before signing up this kind of deal. The offers in which a discount can be availed if more than one device is insured prove to be a smart deal. You can get all the iPhones in your family insured under this offer.

With certain policies you can get your iPhone covered even when you are anywhere in the world. Such deals charge more than the usual ones but are extremely useful because one tend to lose their phone often while traveling. Hence, whatever happens you will not be away from your precious phone for long. Also, some insurance companies provide you with a data back-up to restore all the data in your reimbursed phone. Such offers come extremely handy when a loss of important contacts can prove to be a damper for your work.

In today’s world when connectivity is needed 24×7, being out of contact for even a few days can be disturbing. With a smartly sort after insurance policy you can recover your device within 48 to 72 hours after a successful claim has been made. Reading the terms of the insurance policy very carefully is extremely important no matter how reliable and highly recommended the company is. There can be many asterix attached to any policy.