How DrChrono EMR Helps with Patient Communication

Brace yourself, for we are going to set you off on the road to success. Through this guide, we will elaborate on the element of communication by using DrChrono EMR. You will learn what the vendor offers for boosting communication. How does it benefit clinical practices? And what users have to say about this phenomenal service of DrChrono. By the end of this post, you will surely master the art of communication. So, let’s begin with the real treasure.

What DrChrono EMR Features To Boost Communication

DrChrono software demo reflects on its magnificent services. If you schedule a demonstration, you will be amazed to find out how effortlessly it enhances the patient experience. It is not likely for an EMR vendor to consider features from the patient perspective if it’s not designed on a patient-centric approach. DrChrono EMR excels in this clinical aspect for it practices a patient-centric approach. Essential services it offers for ensuring seamless communication are:

Patient Portal

The patient portal is just like an open door for patients. Communication is not usually verbal; it sometimes involves sharing reliable information, and that’s what this patient portal is for. It serves as a way for clients to get in touch with their treatment process. They can access their clinical summaries, past medical records, lab reports, and prescriptions.

And then, patients are given the right to share their thoughts to create more effective treatment plans. Additionally, the portal holds an appointment scheduling option for physical communication. There’s no need to log in again and again to access these multiple functionalities. Clients just need to make a single log-in to have all the information at their fingertips.

This helps a lot, and reviews show that most patients take it as an initiative by DrChrono to boost trust. Besides all this, there is also a message portal that patients can use to discuss their queries. They can ask about anything regarding drugs, allergic reactions, or even inquire about the system’s operations. DrChrono has different teams set to answer the patient’s queries.


In this modern era, everything is surrounded by a significant risk probability. Even the healthcare industry is susceptible to third-party interventions that lead to losing data confidentiality. For sure, doctors treat critical patients via mobile phones and all that. But it’s not safe. Calls can be tracked that crushes trust and reliability for medical practices.

For supporting this remote interaction, DrChrono comes forward as the first EMR solution offering a telehealth facility. The software made remote interaction way safer and easier. The telehealth service of DrChrono works by giving patients control over their treatment. For example, they can decide whether they want to visit a practitioner’s office or they want at-home treatment.

This telehealth facility is supported by a virtual interface secured by military-grade firewalls. Patients can schedule online interactions anytime, anywhere. No leaf is left unturned during virtual communications. There are features like viewing lab results, clinical summaries, creating charts, etc. And these services ensure first-rate care delivery.

Benefits of Patient Communication:

Now, what’s the benefit of these two healthcare services. How do patient portal and telehealth benefit clinical practices? For sure, these services give relaxation to the clients, but what about the clinical workflow? How do they work in favor of the physicians? You should know the answer to these questions to learn about the importance of patient communication for your clinic. Here’s what the element of communication can help you achieve:

Enhances Patient Engagement

The very first thing you can achieve by encouraging communication is none other than patient engagement. And this is the brick on which clinical practice stands. Without engaging your patients in care treatments, you can’t achieve your set goals. It’s not even remotely possible to enhance clinical effectiveness if you cannot engage patients.

Reviews show that DrChrono helps achieve clinical stability by offering services to engage patients. By getting their hands on the portal, patients feel like they are in control of their health. Not only this, DrChrono demo shows that the vendor has even published education material on the portal to keep them engaged in care facilities.

Meaningful Interactions

Another thing that can be accomplished via enforcing seamless communication is it helps during patient visits. When patients feel that you care for them, they feel like they can open up to you. They don’t feel embarrassed or shy in sharing critical details in the context of their health conditions. By opening, they sometimes share details that play a crucial part in care service.

This then leads to meaningful patient interactions. Adding to it, DrChrono offers clinical tools and services by understanding the delicacy of this matter. There are tools like voice recognition, automated clinical summaries, etc. These help speed up documentation processes. And this way, you can focus more on what your patients have to say.

Clinical Productivity

Lastly, there are productive clinical results. This benefit is achieved only if the above two are accomplished. There’s no way you can generate better care outcomes without improving patient engagement and involvement. Both these are the key aspects that gradually result in clinical productivity.

Patient engagement encourages clients to play their part by following the prescription and care advice. And when they follow their physician’s footsteps, the end result will definitely be fruitful. And that’s precisely what you need as a physician. Not only that, but it also serves as a way to expand the customer base. Happier clients mean more chance of getting referred.

Should You Schedule a Demo of DrChrono Software?

You might be wondering what’s the need of scheduling a demo with DrChrono software now. For sure, we have shared many significant points with you. But, having a real insight into how these features work will help you understand the software better. In addition, it will serve as a way for you to see whether you can align these services with your clinical goals and more.

This’s all we have to say about enhancing patient communication with DrChrono EMR. Put the patient portal and telehealth service into proper use and embrace beneficial results. Clinical efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and scalability will enable you to accomplish all these things by encouraging effortless communication with patients.