How to Increase Blood in Body by Fruits

Blood circulation in body takes vital nutrients and fresh oxygen to various organs and cells in body. Reduction in blood flow leads to muscles cramps, poor digestion, coldness in hands and feet, and in males it could lead to erectile dysfunction. A person always feels tired and weak. Medically, such a person is said to be suffering from anemia.

A person with anemia condition has low red blood cells. The body on low red blood cells has to work hard to delivery oxygen to various parts and cells. It puts tremendous stress on heart to pump the blood when it is sufficient to take oxygen throughout the body. It weakens the heart .The best way to increase blood circulation in the body is by increasing the count of red blood cells. And, it can be done through consumption of certain types of fruits.

Fruits for increasing blood in body

The easiest way to increase blood in body is by taking fruits that increase hemoglobin in blood. It is an important part of blood, as it carries oxygen and takes away carbon oxide away from organs and cells. In addition to hemoglobin, we also need fruits can increase blood circulation in body by relaxing blood vessels and thereby increasing space for blood flow.


Beet fruits not only increases hemoglobin levels in blood, but also relax blood vessels to increase blood circulation in the body. The fruits contain iron, nutrients and minerals. It also has folic acid that increases red blood cells in blood

Being rich in nitrate, beets help us to dilate blood vessels. The nitrate is converted into nitric oxide, which loosen up blood vessels for greater flow of blood in the body. That is the reason why males suffering from erectile dysfunction and relying on generic Cialis 60 mg, a higher dose, are suggested to take beet juice in the morning to increase blood flow and cure erectile difficulties. The regular consumption of beets in as fruit juice or in salad will decrease need for medicine to cure the erectile problem.


A pomegranate is the ultimate fruit for increasing blood circulation as well as increasing hemoglobin in blood. Protein, iron, calcium, and carbohydrates in this fruit boost hemoglobin level. The nitrate in a pomegranate stimulates nitric oxide that relaxes blood vessels to facilitate increase in blood circulation. A greater blood flow also increases performance throughout the day. Take juice in the morning at breakfast or have fruit at least once a day to see results.

Make sure that fruits is fresh or frozen if you are not able to get fresh fruit. But never rely on packed juices as they contain preservatives, which destroy the intended benefit of fruit.


It is one of the best sources of hemoglobin for every age. Increase in hemoglobin ensures blood carries nutrients to all part of your body. The greater push to blood circulation comes from iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin A and B. the increase in hemoglobin pushes blood flow in the body. Eat dates or boil them in milk at night and drink one glass daily to see results.


Like pomegranate, watermelon also relaxes blood vessels to allow greater flow of blood circulation in our body. The nitrate in melon fruit is converted into nitrate oxide in blood vessels. It stimulates the cGMP enzyme to relax blood vessels, which create space for blood flow in the body.

No wonder, the fruits is suggested to males with less blood flow in the body. It is one of the fruits that form the natural remedies for males with erection issues. Erection issues start with less than normal blood flow in pelvic area. Regular consumption of watermelon juice will reduce dependency on Levitra 60 mg, a higher dose doctors prescribe to males with severe erection issue take to boost erection.


Berries are rich in antioxidants and anthocyanin, which protects the wall of blood vessels from damage done by free radicals. Anthocyanin keeps blood vessels flexible. The nitrate in berries gets converted into nitric oxide, which relaxes and dilates the blood vessels. The extra space in blood vessels supports greater blood flow.


Fruits are the best way to increase blood circulation and improve the level of hemoglobin in blood. Improvement in blood circulation with increasing in hemoglobin helps take fresh oxygen and nutrients in food to every part and cell of the body. However, always use fresh fruits avoid packed juices to get the intended benefit.