How to Prepare for AIIMS MBBS 2019

AIIMS MBBS is an intermediate for the medical students in India to get admission in any of the renowned colleges of AIIMS (any out of the seven).Considering the ever increasing competition in the exam, preparation tips for AIIMS MBBS becomes primary requisite for each aspirant.

There are a total of 807 seats from all the seven AIIMS combined. And for these seats, the number of students appearing in the exam crosses more than 1 lakh. This itself shows the level of competition one has to face while appearing for AIIMS MBBS 2019.

Still, there are a few things which one may do to make things a bit easier for the exam. The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is the exam pattern which we are going to discuss here:-

  • 200 questions (objective type) would be there.
  • Total time allotted for completion of the AIIMS MBBS is 210 minutes.
  • Physics, chemistry, biology containing 60 questions each.’
  • 10 questions would be asked from section of general knowledge.
  • Remaining 10 questions would be from aptitude and logical thinking.
  • For every correct answer, you get 1 mark and for every 3 incorrect answers, 1 mark would be deducted.

Following are the tips that may help to upgrade one’s performance in the AIIMS MBBS are as follows:-

  • Preparation for any exam becomes directionless if the candidate is not aware about the syllabus of the exam, same goes with AIIMS MBBS. Therefore it is very important to be familiar with the syllabus of the exam.
  • Prepare for the exam by keeping important topics in mind. This would save your time while preparing for the exam.
  • Focus on the basic concepts of class 11th and 12th. This would help you score high in the exam.
  • Try to solve maximum number of previous year papers. This would help you in more ways than expected.
  • Solving previous years’ papers would make you familiar with the exam pattern and the type of questions that may be asked in the exam with same format.
  • Keep a check on your speed of doing the exam and try to increase it gradually. This would enhance your confidence level.
  • Get your all doubts answered by your teachers, mentors or even friends. But make sure that no doubt remains mystical for you.
  • Get your study material segregated subject-wise. Make separate notes for formulas of physics.
  • For quick recap, put chemical formulas and reactions of chemistry at one place.
  • Diagrams can be expected from biology as identifying the various parts of any. So, one should practice diagrams as well from time to time.
  • Theory part from biology should be taken for granted. Take out few minutes everyday to revise the definitions from the theory part of syllabus.
  • For GK part in AIIMS MBBS 2019, to gather knowledge regarding the current affairs, newspapers and watching news channels are the best remedy.
  • Thus, it was an overview on how you can start preparing for AIIMS MBBS 2019 and secure a good rank.