Importance Of PPE Kits And Their Benefits

The novel coronavirus has impacted her lives in the worst way possible. Ever since its arrival in December 2019, the health centers, WHO, and other organizations emphasize the importance of hygiene, sanitization, and social distancing. Many countries across the globe are still under lockdown because of the widespread pandemic. The coronavirus is spreading around the world. Hence certain precautions are supposed to be taken. One of the protective equipment is PPE, which can be used by medical professionals and industry people or in case you’re traveling. Before we understand the advantages of PPE, let us know what a PPE kit includes.

Face Masks

The coronavirus’s main feature is respiratory symptoms, such as dry coughing, sneezing, and running nose. A face mask prevents these droplets of saliva from transmitting to other healthy bodies. Hence, a mask is an essential part of PPE. Covering your mouth while sneezing might help the droplets transmitting, it does not entirely contain the virus.

Besides, face masks protect a healthy person from breathing contaminated air. The most effective and efficient covers are N95 masks. Due to the shortage of these masks, only medical professionals are advised to wear the mask; the same can be said about surgical masks. Non-workers can wear cloth masks to help conserve these masks for the frontline workers.


According to health organizations, the COVID-19 virus can stay on stable surfaces for hours. For example, scientists have found the coronavirus to be active on a stainless steel surface for about two to three days. Since it is a virus, meaning it isn’t exactly alive, so normally disinfecting a surface might not kill the virus.

Hence, gloves play an essential role in PPE. Safety gloves prevent our hands from contacting a contaminated surface directly. We use our hands for every task; hence protecting them is of utmost importance. On average, we touch our faces 52 times a day, exposing our faces to the virus. Therefore, gloves protect you from exposure as long as you remove and dispose of them correctly.

Let’s know the importance of PPE

Protection from harmful chemicals and biohazards

If you’re working exposed to chemicals in industry or are a caregiver taking care of your patients, a PPE would protect you from getting exposed to harmful chemicals and germs. The PPE acts as a barrier between your body and the hazardous chemicals or germs. It is also imperative you wear the complete PPE kit right from gloves to overalls.

Reduce the risk of respiratory illness

Continuous exposures to chemicals and industrial waste are harmful to our bodies. Since the entry point for most diseases is our nose, it is essential to protect ourselves with a PPE. PPE shields your nose from these bacteria or chemicals and protects them from the same.

Prevents Physical Injury

Personal protective equipment, as the name suggests, protects from external harmful agents. If you’re working in an industrial area or medical facilities, you must prevent yourself from getting harmed. A PPE will do the same for you. It is said that prevention is better than cure; a PPE acts as a helmet to your body.