Major security concerns for an IT business and ways to prevent them

Agree or not, there’s always a risk that your business will encounter a cyberattack in the coming years. With the advancement in technology, cyber-attacks have also increased. Here are some major security issues that an IT company may face and ways to help reduce the risk.

Network-related cyber threats

It involves a hacker who performs IP theft and DDOS. The major risk reduction technique an IT support Nuneaton can practice here is encrypted and SSL encryption measures. Services like Office 365 for email and collaboration use SSL as a mandatory process.

File and Data Access

It involves data theft, data breach and file theft. It can lead to loss of personal data and attacks on passwords. The best way suggested to prevent it is to use Biometric Data Access such as fingerprints or face ID, 8-words password protection and PIN access.

Apart from using these measures, another safer option is to go for multifactor authentication. It should be made mandatory for all user accounts in the company. The standard implementation of multifactor authentication (MFA) helps lower the risk of data loss to a great extent.

Device Infection Attacking

Such types of attacks majorly occur because of rogue software or infected downloads. It can also take place in the form of ransomware. The best way to prevent them is through distant monitoring and alerting. There should be consistent checkups. You can also install an antivirus and antimalware program as an additional security layer.

Monitor activities on devices and notify all possible infections. As a basic security measure, only the admin should have the rights to software installation. 

Also, a backup restoration procedure should be followed in case a device gets infected with Cryptolocker or Ransomware. Keep your backup retention tenure at least 30 days, and the restoration procedure should be tested regularly.

Supply Chain Attack

If there is a supply chain attack, several situations should be simulated and documented in your cybersecurity plan of action.

It involves limited access to major operational systems, including payroll, email and finances. If the supply chain attack occurred on Office265 and MS services, the recovery process should involve limited file access.

It would help if you had consistent support from IT teams to review your current IT security stack as a business. If you are looking for IT support Nuneaton, do not hesitate to contact our team today.