Much Needed Apps for RVers

When you first pay your way to a year- long quest to move to on the Scenic route, you load in every tool you think you may need, right from an air compressor to a big role of tape and securely keep in the side compartments of your RV trucks. Off lately, people have now gone digital and thus, they also include digital tools in their truck to help them reach the most obvious things in an instance. Small RV traveller definitely requires a good gadget loaded with nice apps to help them enjoy their road trips. Decked with digital storage like music, apps, videos and photos, it is your smartphone or iPad which guides your way along the whole tour.


What makes it handier is the truth that these gadgets have the ability to bring you online virtually via Wi-Fi as well as data connection. Below here is a list of the top apps which a RV traveller could need while enjoying his tour.


Along with the long list of California RV park reviews and campground listings, the app renders all types of other important details like locations of the truck stoppage, camping world stores, dump station for RV trucks and Wal-Mart’s overnight parking locations.

Road Ahead

This amazingly simple app will help you site your rig as well as tour direction on the map and then present you the list of the services like grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and more. You’ll see the sites waiting for you at the highway exits.

Gas Buddy

The biggest expense of a small RV traveller is fuel cost and to help you with this, Gas Buddy sneaks in. it gives you the lists of the fuel prices of the closest gas stations and thus helps you save more money every time you go for gas filling.

Google Maps

When you’ relooking forward for your next day travel and you seek a quick look at the paths, travel hour and distance, then nothing more than Google Maps help. It gives you access to take a peek at the sceneries, roads and attractions of the location too.

Right from the weather forecast to the present weather conditions and weather alerts, you can get everything on this app. Stating the dependency of a RV traveller on weather, it is surely a must have app.

Trailer life

When the time comes to kick back and relax, the Trailer Life app allows you to catch up on latest topics of your beloved RV magazine.