Mystical Dry Flowers-The Biggest Trend in Skin and Hair Care

If you think dry flowers are dead and have no properties left? Then you are absolutely wrong; what seems dead is mystical in nature and holds numerous health and beauty benefits.

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Though you cannot use all dried flowers as it solely depends on the quality of the florets. They are used in herbal medicines, grandma’s home remedies, and other beauty segments for ages.

The Aesthetic power of flowers for health

They are immensely blessed with aromas that can treat various skin and hair issues we find these days like inflammations, skin tanning, aging, and early hair fall, dry and dull hair. They are best known for exfoliation and skin rejuvenation. Some buds also have natural laxative properties. Also used as a tea for glowing skin.

Let us find out how you can use these aromatic beauties for caring your skin in all seasons: 

  1. Infused oil for skincare:  When there were no technology people used to believe in these natural sources for caring of their skin. Hence making infused oil from dehydrated flowers is not new and you can easily make infused oil at home. They are great for dry skin and mainly used as a massage oil. You can make them by simply boiling in a pot for a few hours.Use it in your daily life as a serum, lip balm, etc. Buy flowers like chamomile, lavender, and rosemary to make these essential oils.


  1. Herb as a healing agent for skin: Flowers for skin parched in proper conditions are widely used as herbal tea worldwide. One can buy these exotic beauties online there are a variety of floras which is used as an herbal tea. Also applying a strong fermentation of Calendula flowers to affected skin may also help pacify the itchy, dull and inflamed skin from inside.


  1. Ultimate natural purifier: They are no doubt act as a natural purifier. They hold moistness into the skin, preventing it from drying out and thereby foiling dehydrated and scabby skin. Soaked dry roses can be used as a regular face cleanser in case you want to avoid chemicals on the skin.


Try these easy skin care tips and give your skin an added life.

Check out the mind-blowing herbal remedies to cure damaged hair with blossoms.


  1. Chamomile as a hair conditioner: At times, we do take our hairs lightly as we think washing hair is enough to make them sustain the heat of the seasonal changes. We must give them natural treatment to heal them from the core. Add two bags of chamomile tea for eight ounces of water to make the tea for your hair. Cool before applying it to your hair. Let it stay for 15 minutes and rinse afterwards.


  1. Rosemary prevents hair loss: Rosemary tisane is believed to prevent hair loss, fight dandruff, and stimulate the blood flow. Thus it’s a handy home remedy for treating dandruff, itchiness, and scalp irritation. You can make it by boiling in water add the rosemary and keep it on a slow flame for 2 to 3 min. Use it as a hair rinse.


  1. Essential oils to make hair strong: Flowers for hairare not only good while fresh but once desiccated into infused oils them they are phenomenal to strengthen the hair from the roots.


Adding these easy hair care tips will help you deal with various issues of hair in daily life like pollution, harsh weather, and heat. Flowers DIY is in trend these days so try your hands in making beautiful hairbands/crown from these beautiful buds. Hairpins, wedding accessories, etc.


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