New Tyre Technology Concepts

In this era of technological advancements, the automotive technology plays a vital role. The history of the automotive industry reveals how the developments in tyre technology have revamped it in due course. Our tyres transform and prompt everything from driving experience to road safety. Thus, evolving the tyres eventually redefines the standards of automotive technology.

Car vehicle 3d blueprint mesh model with a red wheel tire on a black background. 3d rendered image

BFGoodrich tyres augment their technology only to enrich your experience with more excellent road safety, better performance and comfort in the future.


The technology used in smart tyres follows the concept used by our body to transmit the signal apprehended by our skin to our mind. The tyres developed from electrically conductive rubber compounds transmit the electrical signal to the receiver in the car, perceived by the sensors. The sensors consistently perform the function of monitoring the tread depth along with the instant temperature of contact. They often trigger a warning if the values are detected beyond the predefined limits.

Unlike the systems that prompted an alert when the tyre pressure slumped, BFGoodrich tyres alert the driver right away if the tread is ruptured and instantaneously the circuit in the tyre is closed.

The future for the technology is still wide open with developments being made to enhance the sensitivity of the tyres to perceive the temperature, texture of the road, presence of snow, muddy landscape roads, watery road during rain. It might assist the driver by sending the information through any digital A-I based platform like Bluetooth or smartphones, or by transmitting it to automotive electronics.

These smart BFGoodrich tyres deals with another concept of operation that revolves around adapting to the surroundings. It has micro-compressors fused into the wheel to fine-tune the tyre pressure with a variable-width rim.

The system is designed to modify the area of contact of the tyre with the surface according to the necessity of the situation or the preferences of the driver. This can solely serve the purpose of being a lifesaver as well as enhancing comfort by considering the road conditions. By conforming to the surroundings, tyres customise into four distinct combinations that make the adaptation perfect for wet, normal, slippery and uneven surface conditions. Considering the constraints on dry and smooth roads, a smaller area of contact amalgamated with high tyre pressure makes the driving energy efficient and offers low rolling resistance. On the contrary, larger contact patch integrated with the lower tyre-pressure forms a purpose-built combination for an ideal grip on slippery roads. To facilitate your motor out of a parking space in deep snow, the system allows the tremendous decrease of the pressure inside the tyres, even below 1 bar.

The smart tyres seem to be a boon and the privilege being that instead of requiring variations in tyres for different conditions a single set of tyres with such advanced technology is adequate to customise for your needs and preferences.


Though they don’t distinguish much from the concept of smart tyres, yet 3D tyres have eventually evolved the automotive industry. These tyres tend to resolve the ecological concerns of this sector. Automotive industries are seeking production of eco-friendly cars, and thus additive manufacturing technology contributes significantly to it. Additive manufacturing prominently makes for the design evolution of the product while reducing material waste. This advancement had led towards the production of tyres with unique and futuristic designs fulfilling the eco-friendly aspirations of car manufacturers, highly optimised for the road. 3D printing industries intend to design tyres made from biodegradable matter with a coating of rubber that can be quickly restored. These tyres are To replenish the damaged rubber thread, this technology promotes the use of straws, scraps from woodchips and organic peels.

3D technology is devising to manufacture cost-efficient cars on the road and thus providing a great range of cheap tyres fitted in our environment-friendly automotive.

BFGoodrich tyres are clued up on the fact that 3D tyres and smart tyres could overhaul the automotive technology making your drives convenient and much safer. By acquiring these new advancements in tyre technology, tyres endeavour to fulfil your future requirements.

The cheap tyres in your eco-friendly automotive with highly sensitive sensors would assist you in traversing smoother, safer while driving according to your preferences.