5 Types Of Real Estate Content You Can Share On Social Media

Social media channels are now more and more prioritized by marketers. Especially, if you talk about the real estate agents or realtors, they use social channels to promote their business and make their brand visible to the targeted audience.

Based on the studies, Facebook is used by 97% of marketers, LinkedIn is 59%, Instagram is 39%, and so on. All these social media platforms offer several features to marketers. These include a story, live chat, paid ads, and advanced search.

Now the question is – how can you take the leverage of these platforms?

For the real estate business, there is no space for being shy. You have to keep your heart out while marketing your services. And this is possible when you put quality content to engage your audience.

Social media marketing for real estate agents starts with creating engaging content. Here in this article, we will discuss different varieties of content that you can share on social media.

5 Types of real estate content can be shared on social media

  1. Educated content like blog links: Do you have a separate section for blogs? If yes, let’s not confined them to your websites. To educate your audience and to provide more knowledge, you can develop engaging blogs and articles and share the link to your social media feed.Facebook and LinkedIn allow users to share links. However, you won’t get the same feature when you are on Instagram. But so what. You can use these two channels to keep your targeted audiences or potential customers updated.

    Through blogs and articles, you can share home tips, safety measurements related to properties, renovation ideas, building ideas, and many more. You can even use this section to share some updated news about property listings related to your business.

  2. Property photos and videos: Visual elements engage the audience to a wide extent. It brings huge followers and keeps them engaged with your brand.On your timeline, you can share property-related videos, images that can be based on your home tours, sneak-peek of your properties, neighborhoods, walkthroughs, etc. Make sure the photos and videos look stunning at one glance. It should be highly encouraging so that the viewers take no second to react, like, comment or share.
    Apart from property-related videos and photos, you can even add some inspirational visual elements that go around your business. Sometimes, motivational ideas cling the mind of the readers. Don’t forget to add a captivating caption with a proper hashtag when you share these visual contents on social platforms.
  3. Success stories and testimonials: Sharing your success stories and achievements with your audiences build brand credibility. This takes no time for the viewers to decide how reliable the business is or how fruitful it will serve you.
    Even if your achievements are small, you can describe yourself as “growing from scratch”. People are more interested to read the success stories of business. They show interest in how you have served your clients and help them to get their desired home or property.To glamorize your business, you can post some of your best testimonials where your clients have appreciated your work. This builds trust and helps your business to grow further in the near future.
  4. Industry news: Even your prospective customers want to know about your industry before signing a property deal with you. It is your responsibility to share any update or industry news with your targeted audience.Covering the industry news will help the clients to learn about the trending properties, ups and downs of the rates, and even keep them engaged with the loop shows. Your activeness attracts the clients and empowers them to say yes for a deal.
  5. Event coverage: Have you ever be a part of any events related to home and properties? If yes, your next social media content can be related to your experience you have gained on the participated event.You can even share the dates of your upcoming events with your audience to keep them updated. Hey, we have a grand marketing tip for you. You can use the live option to cover the event and get connected with your targeted viewers in real-time. This will be more amazing and you can collect huge applause from your virtual audience.


Be it is video content or blog content, you should hire content experts to design your content with proper engaging notes. Reach out to the content marketing companies in India and benefit from the experts. For better understanding and to ease out the content marketing process, you can even create a content calendar.