Simple way to find your IP address

Internet and network don’t acknowledge computer or smartphone with the name given to them. Computers identify numbers and these numbers are known as IP addresses. IP means Internet Protocol which is a part of Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol. It is known as TCP/IP in short.

When you speak about computers, there are a lot of IP addresses involved. The first is how the computer speaks to the internet which is the router’s IP address. This IP address is usually given to the router by your internet service provider. The router tackles all the traffic from your device to the internet. So, when a website sees request coming it from the router IP address, the router knows how to route the data to and from the computer. This is why is called a router.

The internal network of the computer includes Wi-Fi or Ethernet which have their own IP addresses assigned. This allows all the nodes on the internal network to communicate. The protocol of the router to assign IP addresses is known as DHCP (Dynamic Host Control protocol)

If you get an IP address, it may be considered dynamic as it may be temporary and sometime later the node will give a different IP address on the computer. But, you can also set up static IP address on computer which never changes. It is important in some cases where you have to find the same node again and again.

IP addresses are usually in similar format as 32 bit number shown as four decimal numbers in the range of 0 to 255 partitioned by dots. This is known as IP version 4 (IPv4). There is a possibility of around 4 billion IP addresses which isn’t much.

So, you have IPv6 which is 1280bit and range from 4 to 16 octets. It is more than 4 billion, precisely 35 with 37 zeroes.   Technically, it means a lot of IP addresses. But, how to find IP address?

Find your Internet Public Address

Sometimes you may have the need to know your IP address, assigned by your ISP.   It is essential at the time of making VoIP calls or using remote control programs.

There is other information attached to your IP address like your ISP name as well as your general location. You have to figure out your provider and general location depending on your IP address.

The easiest way to check your router’s IP address is to search what is my IP on Google. You will get a list of websites to open and find your IP address, but if you are still looking for an easy and one-click option, then log on to and you will easily get your local IP address and public IP address.   You can easily know your IP address with just one click. So, the next time you are looking for your IP address, go nowhere else just click on the site and the first thing you will see is your IP address.