Test Day Tomorrow? Listen to Our Advice for PTE & IELTS Exam

It’s obvious to get nervous on exam day. No matter how prepared you seem, as the clock ticks and exam approaches near, having a sweaty palm is natural. But, when the exam is PTE or IELTS, you can’t take a chance because your future depends on them. Also, both these exams are very pocket-heavy and just can’t mess up things because you panicked.

Well, we have something for your relief. Here is a crisp rundown of PTE & IELTS exam day tips to implement and deal with exam-day anxiety:

  • Sleep Well before the Test Day

We know it’s very obvious but still, many of the aspirants don’t get it right and stay awake on the night before the exam and keep on mugging things. Don’t do that. It won’t help. Yet, it will confuse you more than ever. Stop your preparations before dinner time, relax a bit, and sleep early.

Once you wake up refreshed, you will be in the best of your sense, will have more focus, and can easily deal with exam anxiety. It will also help you keep up your calm. Briefly, a night of sound sleep will help you maintain your sanity and deliver your best.

  • Don’t attempt a practice text on the day of the exam

We know that using PTE and IELTS practice exams is a wise choice to make while you want to be double sure about exam success. But, if you don’t want to mess up the things they don’t attempt one on the exam day or the previous night. If by any chance, the score of that practice test is not good, it will disturb you.

It will be hard to take out that from your mind and you’ll be stuck in that moment, which is not a good thing for you.

  • Don’t learn something new on the exam day

It’s ok to feel whether or not the preparation is enough. But, exam day is not the day to learn something new. This last-minute preparation is not going to help you out. It might confuse you. So, don’t commit this mistake.

Instead, you can try giving just 1 computer delivered IELTS mock test if you don’t have to travel much to reach the test center.

  • Stay calm and be prepared

Don’t let the exam anxiety trouble you and cause havoc. Just maintain your calm and get ready for the exam. Double-check the exam time and date. Check the schedule and time slot allotted. If the testing center is far from your location then leave home accordingly.

Gather all the credentials and identification documents. In their absence, you will not be allowed to take up the exams. If that happens, all your efforts will go in vain. So, make sure you are equipped with everything that both these exams demand from you.

  • Dress in comfortable cloth

Exam center is not the place to show off your fashion sense. You can save it for other days. On the exam day, wear clothes in which you will confident and comfortable. It’s going to be a long hour sitting. So, your clothes should be appropriate for this.

Also, make sure that clothes are weather appropriate. If it’s sunny then cotton clothes are a good choice to make. Similarly, wear warm clothes in winters.

  • Read the instructions carefully

You will be given a list of instructions before the exam and we request you to pay attention to them, even if you know them already. There could be a minor change in the instructions and ignoring them will lead to loss. So, use the time allotted for this job and be on the safer side.

  • Cross-check the answers

Before you submit your responses, cross-check them once. Check the spelling and use of tenses in the writing sections. Punctuations should also be checked. These minor mistakes will have a huge impact on the final score. So, don’t be in hurry and check your responses.

  • Don’t get nervous in front of the instructor

IELTS Speaking is a face-to-face instruction and will be held in front of a live instructor. The idea of communicating with a native speaker can make you nervous. But, you have to main your calm. There is nothing to be worried about. Just stay natural and confident. Whatever you speak, speak with confidence.

The Final Word

We won’t blame you if you say that you have a dry mouth and nervous breakdown just before the exam day. It happens with all of us and it is very natural. Exam day is bound to make examinees feel that way. But, when your future is on a bet, you can’t afford all these hurdles.

You need to maintain your sanity and deal with all these issues. So, start using free IELTS practice tests and other such resources way before the exam. For the exam day, the above-mentioned tips will help you in this. Many test-takers in the past have adopted them and have managed to weave success in IELTS and PTE exam. When are you adopting them?