The cons of a free bitcoin game

Bitcoin games are hugely popular nowadays thanks to the fierce discussion that the topic has induced in the online community over the past few years. The idea of a tax free currency which can be easily transacted or converted has led many people to flock to the currency.

Bitcoin game

Also a free bitcoin game is one of the easy ways to earn some bitcoins while you have nothing else to do. After all you if you can earn some safe and easy money while killing you time, then why would you want to play some dumb game that will not offer you any money for winning. Thus it seems like a win win for all those players.

However, players must realize that there are some inherent risks involved in this exercise. Not so much in the games as they are free to begin with. But the currency itself has certain bottlenecks since it is still early days for bitcoins and it is still being developed and improved. Thus you should educate yourself about these problems. Here we will show you some of the risks involved.

The cons

If you do win money from a free bitcoin game then you should realize that the currency is not widely accepted still. Yes, there are many online sites and few offline businesses that allow you to transact in bitcoins, but in overall numbers the trend is still to catch on.

Second the value of any winnings from a free bitcoin game can change overnight. In fact they can change the minute you earn the money. This is because only a small percentage of the world population actually uses the currency and thus even small effects can cause big changes in the value.

Finally bitcoins are not ready for everyone since improvements are still being made and executed


A free bitcoin game is an ideal way to earn some bitcoins while you have some leisure time on your hands. However the currency is not foolproof and there are certain issues with bitcoins.

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