Tim Mercer- Human Bugatti of Golf

The very first introduction of Tim Mercer was done by Misty Blanco, CEO of Misty TV Firm Corporation. She introduced the celebrity golf coach as the Human Bugatti of Golf. Tim Mercer got famous after his DSG 200 Speed Challenge. He started this challenge to compete against the “Track Man 4” machine that no one had done before. He won a lot of acclaim for it. The celebrity gold coach resides in Chicago, Illinois. His list of celebrity clients includes the A-listers of Hollywood and the entertainment world and the most influential leader of the century.

Recently he just got to work with a new celebrity client, “Hurricane”, a celebrity manager in the entertainment business. Tim Mercer is tagged as one of the best coaches in golf, and he is in great demand for his top-notch services.

Tim Mercer recently attended the PGA tournament in Phoenix, AZ, by the name “The Waste Management Open”. He attended the event because he wanted to inspect for new celebrity clientele. He was invited to the VIT tent to enjoy the tournament experience and seek new clientele. This has created a rave review in the entertainment world as Time Mercer, the Human Bugatti of Golf, has a dire wish to coach Rick Ross. According to recent MTV News, Rick Ross was trying to learn golf. Tim Mercer has also wanted to offer golf coaching lessons to Gucci Mane and Will Smith. He wants them to coach them enough to participate in the tournaments coming up this year.

The first instance when Tim Mercer brought the audience to the edge was in the Tiger Woods. He is not just a coach but an exceptional golf player too. He is an amazing player and takes the center of the course to provide a show that no one can forget. It is already the talk of the town that Tim Mercer is the new Tiger Woods, and his legacy will remain in the sports entertainment world for a long time.

Tim Mercer looks forward to attending more tournaments to enhance his celeb list and train some of the best people of the entertainment world in the coming time. He is represented by one of the most renowned brand companies in NY, the Misty TV Firm and with his appealing presence and brilliant coaching skills, he will continue to rule the branding world.

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