Tips To Choose the Perfect Jumpsuit

Did you just say one-piece wonder garment? We hear jumpsuits! It is one of those versatile clothing pieces that suit everyone. It creates minimal fuss and yet still stylish. A bit of effort goes into styling and you are good to rock the runway of the style world. It is comfortable to wear, comfortable yet effortlessly stylish. Jumpsuits are one and the done garment that makes you look more put together and chic. You can literally wear it at every occasion whether it’s a wedding or a party or casual brunch outing. It almost flatters every girl’s silhouette and body type. Moreover, they are travel-friendly too! It covers a tiny space that means additional space to pack more tuxedos.

So, why do most of the women hesitate and feel intimidated to buy this clothing piece? Maybe because choosing the correct jumpsuit is a tricky task to do. Most of the women get confused while picking the correct jumpsuit of correct silhouette, correct length, and correct hem and end up either buying the wrong jumpsuit or buying none. If you choose a jumpsuit of the wrong length and silhouette, it would make you look frumpy and shapeless. So, let me help choose your perfect jumpsuit, so that you could dress to kill.

Basic magic

You can never go wrong starting off with basic colors. It is truly said that black and white colors are beginner’s color because they are safe to experiment with, and the risk factor of an outfit going wrong is also very low. And for a jumpsuit, they are perfect colors to start with. You can also opt for a jumpsuit with safer patterns like polka dots or stripes. 

You​ can solidify your styling game by opting for a solid colored ​​jumpsuit. This would be a perfect fit if you are planning to buy your first ever jumpsuit. This is also a safer choice to go with.​​ These jumpsuits

are perfect for casual outings.

Fashionista in formals

Whoever says that you can’t look stylish informal, had never encountered jumpsuits in their life. This piece has all the magic to make you look dapper, even in a formal outfit. ​ Light up your boring formal style game by slipping into a formal jumpsuit keeping accessories minimal and you are all ready to nail the interview-ready look.                         ​

Print play!

Printed jumpsuit has the affinity to put the fun element into your wardrobe. And it is perfect for vacations and tours furnishing you with the dress relief with style. Prints are fun to experiment with! But it’s risky to style it up. If you ended up choosing a bizarre printed jumpsuit, it makes you look like a trendy fool. So, it’s crucial to know what prints to choose and what prints to avoid according to silhouette and height.

Animal print is another great choice to go with. It is bold and quirky to wear an animal print jumpsuit. If you want to create a not-so-typical look animal print jumpsuit would fit the bill.

Rock the party game

Nothing is better than partying in a relaxed fit garment. We all want to party hard without having to think about adjusting our dresses. And there comes an unexpected clothing piece of treasure- a shimmery jumpsuit for rescue. Hit the dance floor and have fun knowing the fact you don’t have to restrain yourself or adjust the dress every two minutes and still look fabulous. This shimmery all-in-one garment would be a perfect choice for a cocktail party or even just a regular party. Just slip into a shimmery jumpsuit and you’re golden.

Wedding bells all the way!

Picking a jumpsuit for a wedlock ceremony would be a bold yet outstanding choice to make. Bridal jumpsuits are a good fit when you want to look zara hatke ​on your D-day. Swindle on a regular weddingdress and opt for a bridal jumpsuit. And don’t worry you would still look elegant, bold, and it would be a sight to behold.

Jumpsuits are no more a casual affair. Wear an quirky ethnic wedding attire (yeah that’s jumpsuit ) on any of the ceremonies, you would be astounded without paying the price of looking good with the comfort.

Accessorize the attire

Accessories are the fashion heroes that can save any outfit from looking like an unkempt bed. So, it’s very important to accessorize right rather it would break the whole look. As in the words of Michael Chars, “ I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.”  The same goes with accessorizing jumpsuit.

  • Use belts to accentuate your waist and give your jumpsuit a proper polished look.
  • Headbands and hats are the perfect matches while getting dressed up on a vacation or any fun and casual outing wearing a tropical or floral jumpsuit.
  • And let’s not forget the most important fashion hero- footwear; Partnering a nice pair of heels with the jumpsuit can make your whole look complete and refined.
  • Wearing statement jewelry with the jumpsuit can strengthen your styling game on a whole new level.
  • Bags and clutches are the essential fashion pieces that would help you raise your jumpsuit styling game.

Do’s and don’ts for a perfect jumpsuit

  • Don’t go for larger prints if you are a petite girl as it will swallow your whole look, Instead go for jumpsuits with smaller prints.
  • If your height is short and you want to create an illusion of taller legs, pick a cropped length jumpsuit and pair it up with a nice pair of heels.
  • While wearing a wide-legged jumpsuit, remember choosing footwear that shows or peeks a bit from the outfit and its length should be appropriate enough to not let you fall flat on the ground.
  • If you are hesitant to wear an off-shoulder or sleeveless jumpsuit, sheer sleeved jumpsuit would be the perfect match for you. ​
  • If you are a first-timer for a jumpsuit and you want to make sure you use every penny of it then choose a jumpsuit that you can style in multiple ways.