What You Need to Know if You Plan on Moving During COVID-19

There are many reasons why people choose to move from one home to another. You may have gotten a new job or are transferring. Maybe you wanted to downsize or got an upgrade. You may have retired and are now going to an older adult community. But now that there is a global pandemic and people are asked to social distance or isolate, what does that mean for packing and moving into a new home?

For some, staying in one place, even during a global pandemic, is not an option, and so you need tips on how to move safely during COVID-19. You’re in the right place. We have everything you need to know.

Minimizing Contact

Try to do as much as you can on your own, like packing. This will decrease the risk of virus transmission. Sanitize things as you go, since the coronavirus can survive on cardboard for up to 24 hours.

But if you do need to hire a moving company, consider this: Find a company that offers some virtual assistance to minimize contact, such as a virtual quote. Prior to moving, ask the moving company if they provide clean packing boxes and if they have ways to keep furniture clean (covers or protective pads).

The employees should also wearing:

  • Medical grade face masks
  • Clean coveralls
  • Slip-on booties
  • Gloves

You can also leave heavier items where they are so that the movers can split up and work among themselves instead of having to cluster all in one area.

Avoid Paperwork

Anyone who has used a moving company before COVID-19 will know that there is a mountain of paperwork to tackle. Ask the moving company if it can be done virtually, so you can reduce close contact, as well as items getting passed between hands. The moving company should have no problem with this, but it is always best to make sure before proceeding.

Caution Goes a Long Way

Moving during COVID-19 is all about being safe, not sorry. Again, hygiene goes a long way. If you have a moving truck that you rented, for example, be sure to sanitize it before you get in there, even if the company did it. Wear masks, gloves, and booties when entering your new property and unloading items from the truck.

In the event you hired a moving company for your belongings, try to give them as much space as possible. Be transparent about what you need done from the beginning so the workers know what to expect. Once you get to the property, don’t hound them. Try to maintain a 2 meter wide distance with the professionals and anyone else you may encounter.

Think of the Logistics

Packing and unpacking is often the biggest hassle of moving, because you never know where to start. During these times, you need to strategize a bit more. Always have a few boxes prioritized that contain essential items. These are the items that you will pack last and unpack first and includes the following:

  • Items for cleaning and sanitation. You will want to sanitize everything in the space you are vacating before closing the door one last time, and you need to clean everything once you get into your new home. Be sure to wipe down light switches, door knobs, toilets, sinks, and any built-in appliances.
  • Any toiletries for your first night.
  • Clothes that you will wear during your first few nights at the new residence.
  • Simple cooking items for preparing quick meals—don’t forget the microwave.

Clearly label these boxes so you can separate them from everything else.

The Bottom Line

Overall, moving during the COVID-19 pandemic is almost the same as it was before the virus outbreak, minus the contact between you, your family, and the moving company. As long as you take into consideration the health guidelines and maintain a safe distance from the professionals (or just DIY your move), then you will have a relatively stress-free experience. It’s normal to be anxious during a move, but knowing how to stay safe will make it more enjoyable.