Wheelchair Accessories to Improve Mobility

The physical demands that are put on wheelchair users eventually mount up and cause strains and pains that mobility sufferers can frankly do without. Patients can always do with the bonus of additional comfort and assistance to ease tension in both muscles and joints although the latest wheelchair designs offer a comfort that is unrivaled in comparison to previous models.

Mobility specialists usually works to provide wheelchair accessories that help mobility sufferers stay mobile and on the move. The basic premise of using a wheelchair sounds simple enough, but the physical effects of using a wheelchair over time can cause calluses and blisters to develop. To improve overall grip when pushing and steering and absorb perspiration, Gel-Palm Wheelchair Gloves work at its best.

For mobility sufferers who find themselves in their wheelchair on a regular daily basis, the need for a comfortable cushion on the wheelchair seat is of paramount importance to relieve pressure points that can create painful sores and rashes. One of the most advanced cushion wheelchair accessories on the market is the Gel/Foam Wheelchair Cushion. A combination of silicone gel and foam maximizes comfort for long periods.


Wheelchair users who are moving outside will want to be under the shelter and safe by the elements. Wheelybrella provides optimum protection from rain as well as the rays of the sun in the height of summer as this is something innovative and simple. For complete rain and sun protection, the umbrella can be positioned in numerous angles at the back of the wheelchair.

The most beneficial wheelchair accessory would be to purchase a Wheely Mac or Wheely Poncho or wheelchair winter poncho that is fully waterproof to protect the skin from saturation, although the Wheelybrella is an extensive mobility product. These such products are also effective against colder temperatures, with the Wheely Cosy maintaining the much-vaunted waterproof features as well as an incredibly snug fur lining for ultimate heat retention.

Buying a wheelchair is not that difficult these days. Being perfectly capable of doing their jobs, there are basic “no-frills” wheelchairs. To add remarkable levels of comfort and convenience to wheelchair use, there are the “loaded” wheelchairs, equipped with the buyer’s choices of the many wheelchair accessories choices now available.

Seat cushion

The seat cushion is one of the biggest wheelchair comfort items is. One of the essential wheelchair accessories; a poorly designed seat cushion will exacerbate poor posture and can lead to pressure sores, a properly fitted and constructed seat cushion.

As this is a must for those suffering from difficulty in swallowing or neuromuscular impairment, a good wheelchair seat cushion encourages correct posture. A well-designed seat cushion is one of the wheelchair accessories with multiple positive benefits as correct posture also assists both circulation and respiration.

Ramps and Lifts

There are still many structures that have not been similarly modified and very few private residences can accommodate wheelchairs, although almost all public buildings are now wheelchair accessible. Allowing wheelchair users to provide their own entry into previously restricted areas, there are wheelchair accessories, however, like portable wheelchair ramps. Portable wheelchair ramps are ideal for getting wheelchairs into and out of vehicles and upstairs.

Let wheelchair users move from one floor of a building to another as a wheelchair lift, on the other hand, operates much like an elevator. These hydraulic wheelchair accessories allow users to be mobile even in the event of electrical outages. While comfortable, they require a secondary source of power to keep them operational in a power failure, there are less expensive electrically powered wheelchair lifts too. Other wheelchair accessories include stairs and vehicular lifts.

The ramps make transportation on stairs, for the ones using a wheelchair a very easy task. These are very useful and can be installed according to the type of stairs at one’s house and availability of space. Thus the difficult task of entering and leaving the house will become easy with the use of the ramps. One can get a custom made ramp, or buy smaller ramps available in the market.

Wheelchair lift comes in handy when the person needs to be moved into an automobile like the van or wheelchair accessible cars. This gives the person the ability to travel overcoming physical restrictions. Be it vacation traveling or transport to the workplace, all of it can be easily managed with the use of a lift for wheelchairs. These can also be used by the person to work around the house or for going to the next floor.

Since these are generally used exhaustively, breakdown of wheelchairs may occur pretty soon. Wear out of many parts is pretty common. The most used part is seat cushion and handle, so these are worn out very soon. Hence having spares of important parts is a good practice. The spares that one must have are tires, handles, seat cushions, extra battery set, and battery charger at all times. Having both front and rear wheels for spares is also necessary, in case of emergency. When fitting the wheels of a wheelchair, care must be taken to see that the tires do not give a limp or imbalance to the wheelchair.

Other Accessories

There are other kinds of wheelchair accessories to help you customize your wheelchair to your personal needs, while wheelchair ramps and lifts are available in a wide variety. They include such items as wheelchair restraints, used to secure your chair while you are traveling in a vehicle; adjustable controls which can be either hand or voice-activated; wheelchair locks or covers and wheelchair mounts to accommodate your laptop or other items;.

For the improvement of the user’s comfort, including head and neck supports, back cushions, gloves, and protective elbow, leg, and arm padding, there are several wheelchair accessories that are intended. As there are upgrade packages for the world’s finest automobiles, there are as many wheelchair accessories ringing comfort, convenience, and safety to wheelchair users!